Bridges are bad, but are pull ups?

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Just out of curiosity since people talk about the spine so much of a danger. What about bar work, doing pullups ect. Is this okay at this level?

We have multiple gyms to choose from in the area and I would love to know what to look for to make sure we are at a "good safe" gym.
Pull ups wouldn't be that bad. Usually with the younger kids a coach will give them an "assist" to pull up to the bar(many times use the uneven bars) and they only do a few.
There are no recommendations against pull-ups in preschool that I know of. They are pretty much viewed to be good drills for strengthening the arms at just about any age.

The concern regarding bridging has to do with putting excessive pressure on the lower back in an over-arched position. In a spotted pull-up, the spine should be pretty straight. So, as long as she is spotted and / or doesn't fall off the bar and land in an odd position, she should be okay.

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