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Hi all,
I am after some advice on how to improve my 7 year-old daughter's cartwheel please.
I am attaching a video of her doing one in slow motion so you can hopefully give me some pointers on how to help her straighten that first leg coming down please? Is she bending it too soon? Is it even coming down sooner than it should? Sometimes her cartwheels don't seem fully 'rotated' to me or something looks slightly off but I can't pinpoint exactly what it is...
Video in the below link:

Thank you so much in advance!
Her hands should be placed one at a time, instead of almost simultaneously.
It will look a lot smoother if she can make a 4-count with her hands/feet
1, 2, 3, 4.
instead of
12 34

She should also place her hands a few inches further at the beginning. Fixing this will make the rhythm easier, too.
Thank you so much sun, I have taken your advice on board and done some drills with my daughter and have already noticed a massive improvement :)
Check this out and let me know what you think:

One thing I also wanted to ask is my daughter is a lefty when it comes to her cartwheels but she uses her right leg for every other skill like handstands and back walkovers... is this normal?
Thanks so much!
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Nice, looks good. Look at the rhythm between her right/left foot at the end, her hand placement should match that rhythm, so still more staggered then she's doing now.

She can also start trying to get both hands and feet on that pink line.

It's normal, but I'd encourage her to choose a side for better consistency.

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