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Hi guys!

I love to watch coaching videos from youtube, but finding them is sometimes difficult and the videos are very short. I have to say that some videos are not very helpful, for example Expert Village just shows level 6-10 girls doing easy skills, they don't show drills or give any tips... I prefer JAOvideos (wonderful!), gymsmarts, thegymnasticsminute etc.

I live in Finland and no gymnastics coaching videos are made here. I'd love to buy some DVDs for example from Ebay, but I don't know which one should I choose. The DVD should be REGION 2 or REGION FREE one, which makes things a lot more difficult.

Coaches, do you have any good and helpful DVDs to recommend? : )

Thank you!
Looking for MAG or WAG videos? If MAG, I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend the 2008 Terrenia Training Camp DVD, available from the Gym Press.

WAG, most of the best I've found are the Gym Smarts DVDs.

Also, avoid expert village. The bulk of the tips you'll find there are completely worthless.
Thank you! I need WAG videos.

Now I only have to find out if the DVDs are available as region 2 form and if they ship them to Finland.

More recommendations please!

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