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So yesterday at dd's practice they had a conditioning test! Coaches came up with a point system and they were tested on several things. They gave out 6 metals out of 30 compulsory girls.

First up was pull ups/chin ups with straight legs and chin must come over the bar. Liv did 15 but only 14 counted-:eek:. We were all very impressed! She had the most pull ups of all the girls!!

Next was leg lifts. The only rule was that your toes had to touch the bar over your head and your butt had to come up off the mat. Liv did about 36 or so but only 30 counted-:eek: Again very impressive!

Then they did jumps onto a high mat. It was the same mat for the "big" girls as for the little girls. Overall the smaller girls struggled getting up on the mat but Liv held her own and had 13 count.

Then it was rope climb. Liv did it in 13 seconds. A few older girls did it in 8/9 seconds. They gave her the choice of using legs or get an extra point for not using her legs and she opted to use her legs. She is much faster with her legs.

Then it was the sprint. She looked fast but her legs are so much shorter. I have no idea how she did on the run.

Then it was straddle presses. I was not able to record it but she only did one. Liv and another 7 year old L5 were the only ones out of 30 some girls who could do a straddle press.

The long jump. Again I didn't get it on video but she seemed to have nice distance.

Last but not least was flexibility. They tested all 3 splits from 1-5, bridge, pike, and toe point. Liv scored a 5 on her right and left splits, 4 on middle split, 5 on pike and bridge and a 2 on toe point.

Overall she scored a 106. something and came in 3rd place. First and second place winners were the two oldest L6 girls and 4th was 10 year old L5 so I'd say Olivia did AMAZING!! I am very proud of her effort and improvements. She enjoyed herself very much! I am thinking HC may be trying to come up with a mini TOPS team. I think dd would really enjoy that!!

Here her clip: YouTube - Conditioning Test Olivia age 5

Feel free to leave comments:D
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to O!! Yah, I think she looks like she could be a TOPs kid (not that I am a pro, LOL). I hope your HC gives you all the opportunity! :)
Wow that is AWESOME!

Those tests sound just like what little dd is learning in TOPS...and Liv has little DD beat by MILES!!!:)
Very cool. She is quite buff for a lil monkey with very good flexible and makes those leg lifts look easy.
Thank you all for all your nice comments! DD loves conditioning and always has! She loves the challenge of "how many X can you do?" She really enjoyed the testing and asked when she'd be tested again? She is not training for TOPS per se but they all do conditioning similar to TOPS. I am hoping HC is thinking about putting a TOPS team together. She had a group of girls a few years back, I think in"04 but none since. I just don't know if HC would go through all the trouble for 2 or 3 girls. There are not many young ones that are TOPS material on our team right now. They are all fairly new and are already 7 years old. (Doesn't the test get harder the older they are?!?) There has been no mention of a TOPS team. It is just "wishful thinking" on my part. Maybe I should ask dd's coach if they have plans of putting together a few girls to test for TOPS for the summer of '10 when dd will be 7 years old. How long do girls ususally train for TOPS? A whole year? six months?
At one of our gyms, the HC would hold a TOPS class on saturday where the girls of all ages would come in and just work on that for 2-3 hours. We were planning to see about having the boys come in at the same time and do very similar stuff to begin with before breaking off to work the Future Star's material.
WOW! My younger-5 year old can't do a hanging chin up yet! Can I ask how many hours a week she's been training and for how long? Mine just got moved to pre-team and just 2 more hours a week, I think I have seen some strength gain this month. Mine has moved from 2 hours artistic and .45 rhythmic to 5 hours artistic.
Well last night at gym they started what looks like TOPS conditioning. They conditioned for 1.5hrs as opposed to 1 hour. They worked things like straddle presses, handstand holds, etc. The girls all seemed to enjoy it, especially dd. I also found out they are training and testing two 8 years old morning program girls for this summer. I am assuming they will do the same for dd for the summer of '10.

Emorymom, Liv started gym at 3.5 years old. Right before her 4th birthday they moved her up to preteam where she trained 2hrs twice a week. At 4.5 years old they moved her to the Level 2 team where she trained 2hrs 3 times a week. We then switched gyms to a more "intense" program. She was place on preteam and was training 3hrs 3 times a week. Three months later at 4.5 years old she competed once as a level 2 and loved it. I think that is when she offically feel in love with gym. Although she now finished with her level 3 season and training level 4 she is still training 3 hrs a day 3 times a week. I believe I will try to keep her on that schedule until about this time next year when she will hopefully be training level 5. She turns 6 years old in April and will compete level 4 in the fall. As far as strength goes dd was born with brute strength that was obvious at a very early age. At 5 months old she was already pulling herself to standing, crawling, sitting. She walked at 8 months, climbing out of her crib at 12 months. At 18 months we started at Gymboree mommy and me class and thats we I first realized that her physical development was not the "norm." She was my first so I had no point of reference. I just thought she was a very active baby. At 18 months when we started Gymboree she would hang from the monkey bars holding a chin up. She taught herself a cartwheel at 3 years old. That's when I decided she needed a safe place to get "physical" and put her in her first gymnastics class at 3.5 years old.

Well I hope I answered your questions. Sounds like your dd is well on her way. Are you looking for her to do rythmic or artistic??

I also have a 4.5 year old in an advance rec class. She is also pretty strong and flexible but just this week one of her coaches said she lacks coordination-:rolleyes: I think she is just more immature than your typical 4.5 year old whereas Olivia has always been more mature than her actual age. Julia is unfocused, playful, hyper, and just having a good ole time at the gym. Olivia wants to work hard and is a perfectionist. Just goes to show that every child is different and I've been told that Liv is the exception not the norm. HC talked to parents and told them they CAN NOT compare their child to Olivia. Sometimes I think she came from another planet!!! lol

Well good luck to you and your dd. If you have any other question send me a message and I'll try my best to share my experience!!:D
WOW! Good for her! What a strong girl. My DD also likes to condition and enjoys TOPS training. Right before the L4 season started she could do several press handstands in a row. Now, post season, she can only do 1 or 2, but can't wait to get her strength back again, LOL

Your DD sure seems like TOPS material to me, I think they are going to recruit her for sure. And, if they don't have a team, they may start one now that she is in the house!
Well I hope I answered your questions. Sounds like your dd is well on her way. Are you looking for her to do rythmic or artistic??

You did and I much thank you! It's so interesting to hear what's out there and your daughter is a hard worker and has accomplished so much! Dd wants to do artistic at this point. I'm not sure she ever has had any vision of rhythmic being a team environment and that's really something that has interested her; I guess I'd prefer artistic because it's much more available, there are several gyms close enough for us to drive to but I try very hard to accommodate her interests. I only make her do Spanish LOL. At five it's hard to know what she wants but she does want more hours in the gym that she's getting.

Thanks so much for the video, so cool!

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