Parents Concerned about my daughter's cheer placement

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My daughter is going into her 3rd year of all-star cheer. For the past 2 years, she has been on a tiny novice team and has done well with them. She has learned some skills through this team. However, when we went into evals this season, we were very hopeful that she would be moved up to the next level due to how well she had done on the tiny novice team this past year. We were informed yesterday that she was going to be placed, yet again, on the tiny novice team. My daughter was upset about this decision, and so was I.

The tiny novice team has 1 (ONLY 1) 1 hour of practice weekly. They also have the choice to go to a 1-hour tumble practice a week, which only 3 went, including my daughter. The novice team is made up of kids ages 3-7. My daughter just turned 7 in March. She will be the oldest one on the team. I am concerned because listening is not a priority with kids at that age and the parents "think it's a cute show". My daughter wants to advance and learn new skills and use them. I fear the novice team will bore her and make her not want to do it anymore.

The next level up is an elite level 1 team. Three of the girls on the novice team last season moved up to the level 1 elite team due to aging out. Two of those girls hardly even have a cartwheel. My daughter almost has her front and back walkovers. I feel like my daughter would benefit more from the level 1 team. My question here is: Would you be concerned as well? If you are, would you email the coaches and ask for her to be moved up?

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