Coaches Conditioning Lists (Pre-Team to L6)

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I'm looking for y'all's conditioning lists for your pre-team to old L6/new L5 girls. In addition to in-gym conditioning, do you set home conditioning for your kids? If so, what do you assign? I'm really struggling with what exercises and what reps/sets are appropriate for the varying levels.

If anyone has any links to websites that go into planning conditioning/conditioning ideas, that would also be most appreciated.
I never assigned home conditioning, ever. That being said often rep/conditioning is dependent more on the kid/group of kids than the level.

Also my conditioning lists tend to very around what that group kids needs most. Obviously all major muscle groups need work but things can be played around with especially if a group is struggling with something all around. A few things that are almost always on my list:

- L to L leg lifts
- Hollow holds
- Handstand holds with wrists against beam
- Hollow candlestick lowers on springboard or holding onto stall bars
- Plyo stuff (differs every day, from big mat jumps to rebounds)
- Toe raises
- Wrist rolls/lifts/whatever you want to call them with weight
- Some variation of presses (either on parallettes, stalder holds on beam etc)
- Jumps on TT in a row
- Chin-ups
- Over-head weight lifts (mimicking cast/clear-hip action)

if you have access to a rope that too. There is soooo much you can do. Also don't forget about the small muscles.

There are some videos here that may give you some good ideas of conditioning to use:
I dont give at home conditioning list either. That is their home time! Plus they will probably have bad form or not follow threw, so it's a waste of my time.
I do some moves right after stretching at practice. A few are (we do these every practice)
-Leg kicks, side, back, forward with weights
-Stretch standing position at the wall, with hand weights (45 sec, then 60 sec)
-Horizontal standing position at wall, with weights (45 sec, then 60 sec)
-Belly to wall handstand hold
-Back to wall handstand hold
-Leg taps, on elevated mat with weights
-layout situps

At the end of practice I have specific movements/conditioning for specific body parts. Every other day is Core, arms. Then Core, legs. Then Full body and 100's day on the odd day.
We also run for 10 mins with weights at the end of practice

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