Coaches Could somebody explain what a flop is on pommel horse?

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Geoffrey Taucer

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I was reading the men's code of points and it had a section on flop sequences on pommel horse which I didn't entirely understand. Can anybody explain to me what a flop series is?

A flop sequence would be a select series of skills performed on one pommel. They will always count in element group IV.

Direct Stockli, Direct Stockli, Pommel loop. --------- "D" flop

Direct Stockli, Direct Stockli. Pommel loop, Pommel loop. ------- "E" flop

Direct Stockli, Pommel loop, Direct Stockli, Pommel loop. ------ "E" flop

If you go to the website they have a fantastic video on explaining flops.

You can also use russians in flops. There are a few different variations, but you can only do them and get credit if done and put in to the routine properly. There are rule I believe stating no more than 2 can be done in a routine, and they cannot be connected. You must break them up I think (don't know off the top of my head right now) by stepping down off the pommel, and performing another skill. The skill may even have to be a "B" or higher.

Check out that web site though. Very helpful. It will be located on the left pages scroll box entitled Current Flop Video. It is a few Minutes long.
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Wow. That explained it well, but the whole idea seems needlessly complicated and confusing.
As is watching pommel horse and judging, except the needless part.
In the new update #11 there is now a "C" flop in the JO program. It is a Direct Stockli, Direct Stockli or a Direct Stockli, Pommel loop.

Just read through it today, and thought you might like the info.

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