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gymgirl0805's Mom

When your girls are at practice, do you stay there and watch or do you go run errands or go home??

I usually leave when Chelsea has gym.. she has gym 10-12 hrs a week so I don't stay.. although I might get there a little bit early sometimes to watch..

Morgan used to be an hour twice a week so I stayed.. but now (starting today) she'll be an hour and a half twice a week so I'll start leaving sometimes now..
I usually stay for Madi and stay one practice of Emily's 3 practices because I have school during her Monday, Wednesday practices but I actually would love to stay for it all. I love watching my girls and Emily wants me there to watch her. She hates if I leave.
My dd hates when I leave too. She's only 6 so I stick around. That will probably change next year. I think she'll be adding another day so I can't see myself spending 4 evenings there every week!
I leave. Our gym literally has 10 feet of space where we all enter and leve, you can touch the beam from the front door :eek:. I usually arrive to see the last 15 mins of gym, but that is always conditioning.

11.45 - 12.45 on Saturday at our gym is always a riot. 25 girls are ending their course at 12:30 and 25 are beginning theirs at 12:00, 50 pairs of snow covered winter boots, assorted parents and sibings just turn the whole scene into a comedy. Wet socks and lost water bottles lying everywhere.

When my kids did one or two hours a week I stayed to watch, we also had a bigger gym then, but now I know they are fine. so I leave.

I would do what works for you and your child, and fits in with the gyms policies, oh yes....and space!!!

I do envy those of you with actual viewing rooms with space to work in at gym, that way at least you could achieve something else whilst being there.
I stay and watch. My daughter only practices 3 hrs a week though. Next year if she makes the team practice bumps up to 6 hrs a week so I will probably have to cut back how much I can watch. I am planning on going to 2 of the 3 sessions. My daughter loves it when I watch and is disappointed when I miss something new she's learned to do. I also love to watch. My problem is that to watch I have to drag my 4 other kids with me. This gets hard on them. Fortunatley our gym has 2 veiwing window. I could never chase after kids if they were in the gym. We would have gotten kicked out of the gym a long time ago.
My daughter is 11 and practices 4 days/week for 4-5 hours per day. No way I can stay and watch. I usually leave work for a late "lunch" to pick her up and get her to the gym and then may have to go back to work to finish up for the day. They also do strength for the first 30 minutes and that is none too exciting to watch. We try and go in early once a week for pick up and see what's she up to. Seems like its always bars---don't think I've seen her do beam or vault in a couple of months.
I stay as well. my dd is 7yr old level 3. She LOVES for me to stay and I really enjoy watching. I am also helping with the concession so that keeps some of us parents busy when they all come running for a water break.

My dd is there for 2hrs on M, W and Th. my son is there 1hr Monday and 1.5hrs. Thursday. Mon. is not bad, she goes 4-6 and him 5-6. Now Thursday on the other hand - she goes 4-6, him 6-7:30 !!!!! :eek: But he does homework from 4-whenever he is done. I run at 5:15 and get subway for dinner, he eats then goes to class. she comes out at 6, eats, does homework then goes back in to work while he is in class (then is mad at me every week when I won't let her stay for cheerleading!!!!).

I enjoy watching. There are several of us parents that stay. All L3 - none of the L4 or L5 parents stay. But we enjoy it. The coaches say we don't notice the improvements as much watching 24/7, but we really enjoy staying and we get so excited when they learn a new skill that I don't feel like we lose out at all.
Right now, we (my almost 2 year old and I) stay. DD practices only 1 1/2 hours twice a week, so not so bad.

I am sure we will stay if she moves to team, at least at first, but my little one will be 2 by then and surely not up to hanging around for 3 hours. LOL. She is a calm kid, but not that calm. DH works a lot (so I can stay home, homeschool, etc.) so he can't watch her while I stay. DD will not even be 6 yet, so I am nervous about her being there alone. She is homeschooled, so we aren't used to long time separations and it makes me nervous. :(
I have been debating this also .My dd is 7 I have always stayed in the past she wants me to stay and I would feel bad if I was not there to give her my support.Now take in mind I am a single parent and only have 1 kid I can see it becoming alot when you have other kids and husbands.But with me being her only parent I feel the need to compensate for the father she never sees.This past year she was L2-L3 practiced twice a week total of 4hrs.Starting today she is L4 know has practices 3x week total of 7.5hrs big difference .I plan on staying the whole time starting off until I figure out there schedule and make sure she is adjusting okay,and then dropping her off and come back to watch after they are done with warmup and condtioning.
my girls are together just since they started the 2.5 hours of practice each time I have started running errands that are not too far! tho I stay for a few min and get back early!! I love seeing the things they do like today I got to see DD get a new skill If I didnt get there early I would have missed it!!
but Idont stay the whole time! it would be kind of long and to be honest I would be the only parent that stayed! !*tho a parent stays here or there* I do think 1 day I want ot stay and tape the kids!!

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