English Bulldog grips - question??

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both of my daughters (L7 and L5) wear English Bulldog dowel grips. Recently, a neighboring gym has had some issues with English Bulldog grips, citing them as the cause for a broken arm injury at a meet they hosted. Their coach says he would never allow his girls to wear them because they're dangerous. Does anybody have any information (either pro or con) on English Bulldog? Our previous coach highly recommended them and wouldn't allow the girls to wear anything else.
English Bulldog stands behind their product. If there is ever a problem, contact the company you bought them from. The dealer will then contact the manufacturer on your behalf. If the product is declared defective, it will be replaced or refunded.

If you are looking for a recommendation other than English Bulldog, we (LeotardCrazy.com) have never had a pair of US Glove (manufacturer of Tiger Paws) grips returned to us due to a defect.
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I encourage all my younger gymnasts to get these grips. They are made a high quality leather that is very soft and easy to break in for a gymnast new to grips.

As the previous poster said, if there is a problem just contact the manufacturer.
I am not to familiar with the eng bulldog grips. I always wore Reisport, and that is the only grip I purchase for my gymnasts.
I would assume that it is usually for the most part not the "grips" fault for most injuries. Usually a problem in the fitting of the grip, or the skill that was being done.
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Actually, I've heard that for the past few seasons, more and more English Bulldogs have been failing due to their leather supplier. Apparently, the company tried to lowball their supplier pricewise and ended up having to go to another supplier. Since, quality has suffered.

Still, watering the grips doesn't help though it's big in WAG because it's been carried over generation to generation.
My daughter has been using English Bull Dog grips for about 3 years she grew out of her first pair. When she did they had plenty of wear in them still. We bought the brand Reisport that our gym carries and she got a hole in them in 3mos. Unfortunaltley, that was just a month before competing season and now she had to break a new pair in again. Bars is not her best event and breaking a new pair in just before her Level 7 season was a drag. We ordered English Bulldogs and have been really happy. I also had a suggestion from another coach at the gym to have 2 pairs broken in at a time so you don't run into that problem again.
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We use Ballie (spelling?) grips. They seem to do well. None of the girls have ever had any problem with them!
They also have the beginner grips too and some of our lower levels use those!

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