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Mango Tango

Does anyone have any tips for doing a competitive beam routine? Everyone I do my routine I start shaking and it’s nearly impossible to get it to stop. I’ve improved on it but are there any tips anyone has? I started competing last year and have done 3 meets.
I struggle with this too even after competing 8+ years. A few things that have helped me are: 1. Relax it's just 1 routine even if it's nationals falling isn't the end of the world and it's ok 2. Along with number 1 what you think matters. If your brain is constantly say things like "oh, no" "I'm going to fall" or "I can't do this" then your body will react accordingly. Try to thing about how to make the skill better or "I can do this" "it's ok". 3. Practice routines in uncomfortable situations. For me this is with no music or background sounds. For other this could be with a "judge" watching. I still struggle with my confidence on beam but these have helped me lots. The things my gymnasts currently like is "breathe in confidence, breathe out doubt" and "gaslight yourself into being confidence" basically fake it till you make it
for myself and my daughter, successfully getting past the nerves was a lot of repetitions of full routines and practicing positive thoughts. The last part is critical to a positive mindset. Negative thoughts lead to wobbles. Positive thoughts give confidence.

a few things we learned over the years;
- don't go slower to avoid a fall - doesn't work.
- don't look down - look out towards the end of the beam - keeps your head aligned
- take 3 deep breathes before mounting. calm the inner thoughts.
- if you wobble it is okay to take that 1/2 sec to breathe and center yourself. (not during a connect though).
- keep your muscles engaged. It is harder to wobble a lot when your core is engaged and your arms are in proper location for that skill.
- break down the routine and work on improving 1 small section at a time. Once that section feels really confident and strong, move onto the next one.
My daughter (and myself honestly) have learned a lot about mental blocks and fear from these two podcasts: Perform Happy with Rebecca Smith and Going For Gymnastics Gold by Gynastics Mindset Academy.

Maybe some of their information could help get you in a more solid mental state for the beam.

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