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Coached my first sanction meet last night (L4)! I have to tell you I was pretty nervous. We only had 4 girls signed up, so the work load wasn't too much, but it's amazing how lost I felt...standing just a few feet over the ropes from where I sat for 13 years watching my own daughter ;)

A coach from another gym was helpful in taking me through the coaches meeting, figuring out the warm-up schedules, etc. Once we got rolling it was pretty fun.

I've only been at the coaching thing for about 7 months now - I have a new found respect for all of you. It has been extremely rewarding, and always 'good therapy' to be in the gym with the kids after a grinding day job...but I'm so impressed with the amount of talent you seasoned coaches have. I've finding the learning curve a little more daunting that I had imagined, but it is coming along.

Anyway, the girls did great...all had a good time. One down, hopefully many more to come.

My congrats and full appreciation for those of you who have been at this for so long!
I started coaching about 15 months ago. I've never coached a meet because I also compete. I learn more and more all the time, especially when I work the camps.

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