First Mental Block?

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I have a question for anyone that has any advice. My daughter is a 7 yo level 5. She has had all of her skills for a while and is now learning her routines for the upcoming season. Two weeks ago, she began balking on the squat on, jump to high bar. The frustrating part is that she has been doing this skill for a long time, about 9 months, and is just now having a problem. We are lucky to get her to do one squat on during practice, but when she does it, it is excellent. I don't want to make a huge deal out of it, but competition starts in seven weeks! If anyone, has any advice, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
She may well be feeling the pressure of the season coming up. Even if the coaches aren't making a big deal of the meet season starting soon, the "feel" in the gym changes as the girls spend more and more time doing routines and getting corrections on little things. If this is her 1st ever competitive season, then the stress may be higher----she's excited, nervous and doesn't really know what to expect.

I wouldn't make a big deal out of it right now. Let the coaches work with her and many times these things just resolve on their own. If she talks about it at home or seems upset then it would be good to mention to a coach.
I agree with GLM, let the coaches handle this. It is a very common problem and they will have dealt with it many times before and will know exactly how to handle her. If you start to discuss it with her you are only adding pressure, she really doesn't need that right now.

Meet season is a big deal and this is just one of the things that can affect gymmies before the big day. She is also very young and we expect so much of them. Much better if you are just Mom and enjoy your time with her and don't make it about gym. It's her sport and she will do fine.

Good luck, I know it is so hard not to get wrapped up in their struggles.
vestibular, vestibular, vestibular. their bodies change daily, as well as their nervous systems, eyesight, and balance. let the coaches deal with it.

explain to your daughter that these kinds of things 'pop' up in gymnastics. not to worry, listen to your coaches, and keep working out and having fun. training is not 1 skill alone. remind her that she has 4 events and lots of fun in front of her.
I agree let the coaches handle it. She could be having a growth spurt that is putting her center of balance off and it doesn't feel the same as it did. She could also be getting nervous as the season approaches.

She sounds very normal for her age and level. This happens to alot of kids.

So long as she is having fun don't worry so much about which skills she had last week and now doesn't have she will be fine
Well all I can say, from 2 years of experience with a 7 yo with mental blocks is, good luck! Mine finally came off of her's which started in December. No kidding. She is now throwing her tumbling again, but it was a long road and one that wasn't all smiles.

What I really suggest is to let her be, don't bring it up and never talk about it. I know how hard that sounds, but honestly it's all in her head.

Take a look at this,

Do some research on Dr. Allison, maybe catching it early using her help will work. I have learned that not talking about it and not pressuring is the best bet.
I know how frustrating it can be not only for the gymnast but also for the parents.It is hard to sit back and watch.We have been through a few too.Yes a few.She is still very young and I'm shure she will get over it in no time.Yeah competitions can put the pressure on no matter what Level you are.

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