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How long does it usually take to get these skills? DD is 8 and is working on her level 5 skills. She has everything except these 2 skills. Are they harder than learning to kip?
Dd got her flyaway almost right away, I think they did drills for a couple of weeks maybe and then tried it and most of the girls in her group just did them. Clear hips are a little slower going for mine but most of the girls have them pretty good. She says they have worked drills and stuff for them since beginning of June and she's just now saying she "got" them. I'm not sure how pretty they are (bars is not her best event) but she claims she has them so I'm going with that, lol! Her flyaway looks nice though. :)
For my DD and the rest of her team, these two skills definitely came faster than kips. DD and some of her teammates didn't even have their kip at all until October last year....they all seem "ahead" this year so far, if that makes sense.
It took Pea some time to get the flyaway. She clipped her toes a couple of times and then took to hanging out at the chalk bin instead of practicing ;) Free hip was much easier for her. They started working them after states and she 'had' it in a month or two, but that tricky flyaway took months to land! Giant to flyaway is her current nemesis, along with beam connection...
DS can do both of those; but can't do his kip. So I guess it depends on the kid...
Definitely depends on the kid. Mine got a flyaway pretty quickly. The free hip?? She did a year of old L6 and just finished L7. Still can't hit handstand in the free hip. It's taken her much longer than giants to master.
I will say she "got" the concept of a free hip rather quickly. The difficult part is getting it to handstand, which your DD will not need for L5.
Sorry, reading and working sometimes means I don't do either well. ;-). DS has his *clear hip* and fly away, not his free hip.
I guess it depends on what you're looking for on the free hip. DD can do the free hip to horizontal, and I'd say that took a couple of months. They haven't even tried going any higher.
As for the flyaway, they've only been doing "dead cow" drills for the past few weeks.

It seems as though they are taking the slow and steady approach to teaching these skills. Then again, they won't be competing them until the Spring.
And... Never mind my last post. Just looked it up and apparently a free hip and clear hip are the same. Though my ds only does it to horizontal, not a handstand.
And... Never mind my last post. Just looked it up and apparently a free hip and clear hip are the same. Though my ds only does it to horizontal, not a handstand.

You definitely confused me! I had to look it up to make sure I wasn't missing something. We call it a clear hip :)
My DD got her flyaway fairly quickly but still doesn't have a consistent free hip. It seemed to be the same for most of her teammates - they mastered the flyaway before the free hip.
Ok, so hopefully she should get them soon! She did get her kip pretty easily and can cast to handstand. So, there is hope!
I think how fast girls learn the flyaway really depends on the fear factor. If they are not afraid at all and have a decent tap then it doesn't take that long at all but add a bit of fear in there and it can take a long time.

As for the the free hip/clear hip I think most get it to horizontal fairly easily but getting it to handstand takes a bit more.
You don't have to for L5, just above horizontal. I'm not sure if it's required to handstand for L7, but our girls train it that way.
Took my DD about the same amount of time to get her kip and the clear hip to handstand. Almost 9 months. They were the two hardest skills for her to master up to this point. Horizontal clear hip would've been easier but coach wanted it to handstand as early as possible.
You don't need it for l5 or l7 since technically it is a C skill but allowed at L7. The tricky part is getting the height just right. If I understand the code correctly there is no deduction for a free hip that is from 21 degrees to 45 degrees from vertical. It is then considered a B skill. BUT if you go over 45 degrees but fail to reach at least 80 degrees and you get deductions because they consider it trying for the C level skill. Your best bet once you reach L7 is to keep it about 45 or go for it and reach handstand :)
For my DD clear hip was way harder. She "got" it in a few months, but it wasn't pretty. Getting it to the right angle is still a work in progress after 2 years...the first year was rough since DD went through a growth spurt while learning it. Flyaway took a couple weeks, but she tucked it for 3 years before finally making it into a layout flyaway this summer.
As you see, it's really variable. DD got her free hip pretty easily and has always had a good one, but is having a hard time getting it to handstand. Swing flyaway wasn't too hard, but flyaway out of a giant was pretty tough for her. DS still doesn't have a decent free hip, but his flyaway is beautiful. Neither one ever learned the tucked flyaway, though DD is now doing double backs into the pit.\.
My DD was a kipping anomaly so I can't really compare her to others but of those skills, the clear hip above horizontal is what took the longest.

The flyaway seemed very natural to her and she wanted to do it without spot long before her coach was ready to step away.

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