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Hi everyone we are back from gaspirilla. If anyone doesnt know it is the largest gymnastics competition in the usa. It is also one of the few international competitions at the lower levels. There were teams from all over the country and south america and canada and the bahmas to name a few. Plus these kids were competing level 3 amazing. That being said it is also a very tough competition. Last year she scored a 31.00. and they did not get a team trophy. This year we really wanted a team trophy, but we had only 3 girls so it left little room for error...Plus there head did not go so they were without her.

Floor- the routine looked good...a few minor mistakes 8.2 no place
Vault-piked going in-8.65 6th place medal
Bars-pull over looked messy, but stuck the dismount 8.2 no place
beam-fell on of routine shaky--never fell off in competition-7.995

overall 32.95-10th place

so while we waited for the team awards my gymmie was upset thinking her fall cost them the trophy. Well it didnt ...they got the hugh as big as my dd 6th place team she was happy . I will upload video tonight.
WOOHOO! Great job! Nothing wrong with 10th place! So nice to bring home team *bling* too!!

Our team is "stuck" down there because of the East Coast storm, might be coming home today. We only send our 7's on up.

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