Parents Got the "All Clear" from the Dr. re DD's elbow

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that she broke falling off the beam, a year ago March.

She broke the bottom piece of her humerous off (on the inside) and fractured her growth plate, requiring surgery to pin the displaced piece back to the rest of her elbow! They also had to re-situate her ulnar nerve, so now her funny bone is in a different place :D.

Yesterday was her year follow up, and her surgeon was blown away with how much range of motion she has! Little does he know how incredibly hard she has worked (along with her physio) to achieve this. There were many a physio session with her crying in pain to get to where she is now.

DD was grinning from ear to ear when the Dr. told us it was the best outcome he has ever seen from that type of break - and asked DD for a pic of her vaulting (we had just told him she had recently won gold at Provincials in vault) that he could put up in his office :)

Just wanted to share our good news!

That is great news. I know how much hard work you and your daughter must have put in for her to have come back so well. You both deserve a big pat on the back.:D

She broke it March 2, 2007 and competed at the last meet of the season in the beginning of June - she wasn't able to do all her skills yet, at the point, but she was allowed to compete (after missing most of the season) and was thrilled :). She was back with no restrictions of any kind after 4 months.

When she woke up after her surgery, and the Dr.'s and her dad and I were all standing around her bed, the first words she spoke were "when can I go back to gym?" :D

She went back 9 days post surgery (with her bright pink, shoulder to finger-tip cast) to do conditioning......once a gymnast, always a gymnast.

Congratulations!!! That is awesome news. You must be so proud of your little gymmie!!! Way to go girl!
Wow! These girls constantly amaze me. I am such a wimp, I would be done after any major injury. Glad your DD is completely recovered!

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