hello new to the chalk bucket

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hiii, my name is amanda,we have 2 dds ,one is 13( today actually)Kirah and she is a level 9 and i have a 9 year old Amber who is a level 7. Kirah went to nationals last year and recieved a silver metal in vault. Her dreams are to be wanted by alot of colleges so she can pick wherever she wants to go in the country.olympics doesn't seem to be an interest at this point.we want what she wants. Amber our youngest is just enjoying it right now and has an idea to go to college. LOL following big sister for now. please contact me with any questions about things to expect.i hope to just talk with other moms about anything and everything gymnastics.glad to be here!!:)
Hi & welcome to CB. Sounds like you have a couple of very talented daughters !! I am sure you will have great advice for those of us still somewhat new.

My DD is 9 and competed L4 in the fall. Right now she is competing Rookie 2 in our Prep Op program. She hopes to move to L5 after States next weekend.
Hi and welcome,

Wow, your dd's sound very dedicated to the sport. My dd is also 13, and is level 7, and I have another dd who is 11 and is pre-team.

i welcome to the CB!!!!!!!!!!! sounds like you have some very talented dd's.reat to here they are enjoying the sport!! im a level7.
Thank you for the warm welcome! Good luck to you that have meets coming up! Im looking forward to seeing the results! K.I.T. Have fun, be safe and God Bless.

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