Parents How common are injuries at lower levels?

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Proud Parent
Just wondering how common injuries are with lower levels. I am a worrywort and A's coach is now saying that she will probably want her to move to team in March. Too soon for my worrying heart and head. LOL.

My concerns are 1.) We have no health insurance, don't qualify for state insurance and none available at DHs job. I stay home currently, so no insurance anymore (I am a nurse and we used to have insurance when I worked). 2.) She will have practice 11 hours a week, though her coach did say she could do 2 days a week (so 7 hours) since she is so young, if we prefer. I am thinking of doing that for the first month since she only goes 3 hours a week currently. I won't be able to stay that long with an almost 2 year old to chase after :D, and I worry she might get hurt and I won't be there. I only live 10 minutes from the gym, but still.

I know I am a little weird on the worrying part. I have anxiety issues. Especially with my kiddos.

So, how common are injuries at practice? I know that injuries are going to happen sometimes, but I am hoping for some reassurance.

We are getting an individual plan for her. We actually are never sick and haven't been to the doctor for anything but routine stuff ever. Even DH and I. Thank goodness, but I do want insurance in case she were to get hurt.

Anyone else worry about things like this? I sooo wish that A loved something else for her love. But, she didn't and I support her and she loves gymnastics, so I must learn to deal. :eek:
Well, (knock on wood) my DD hasn't had anything other than a rip and a couple bumps/bruises. She's been on team now since Feb 2007. Some girls seem more prone to injury than others though. We have a couple older girls who have ankle supports & some that always seem to need the ice. My DD carries a roll of sport tape and some band-aides with her in her gym bag even though our gym has a first aid cabinet.

That's a shame about the health insurance. We have no dental insurance and it is so expensive just for check-ups and cleanings for 3 kids once a year! I can't even imagine the fees for doctor office visits and pharmacy prices! Hope you are able to get something soon.
Chelsea is a 2nd yr L4 and her biggest injury was a broken foot.. she was doing a dismount on beam and hit her foot really hard on the beam. but she was a L4.. I dont know what level your daughter is but even at L4 there dont seem to be too many injuries.. Chelsea's was just a freak accident thing.. She hasn't done it since.

I hope you get health insurance soon.. at our gym you have to have proof of insurance or you can't go there..
I never thought about having to have health insurance. I have been looking for awhile and found a plan that is a straight $2500 deductible, then everything covered at 100% after that. It is about $50/month, so it would only cover if something were a big injury, but I figure that if we don't use it, we aren't out as much money. Why couldn't she pick a less expensive sport. LOL.
Emily who is in her 4th year of the sport hasn't had anything as far as injuries(knock on wood 3x)
Madi hasn't either again knock on wood.
But other teammates have had broken wrists and elbows but all those injuries happened outside the gym while goofing around at home.
My dd has been in gym for two years, currently L3. She spends 6hrs a week at the gym. She is doing some meets as well.

She has not had any real injuries. She did twist her ankle (she has weak ankles) and has had a rug burn, has not had any rips yet, but I am sure they are coming (bars is her fave). Other than that bruises on her hip bones from casting on her hip circles.
My DD has been on team for 2 years and rec classes for a few years before that. She's had the usual rips, muscle aches, etc. She did somehow manage to injure her shoulder last spring which required a Dr. visit, orthopedic consult and some PT. I cant' imagine having to do all that w/o insurance! On the other hand, one of her team mates just seems to be prone to injury... she crashed headfirst off the vault into a "fence type" thing they had to keep the rec kids out of the area (since removed!)... then she was on the tumble track, flipped and landed on her neck... a call to 911, paramedics then the hospital!

Good luck!
My youngest, 8 years, about a level 4 has has no real injuries. A few ampoules (blisters on hands), a sore ankle and many bruises on shins and hips. One scrape from a beam cartwheel crash!!! She's been in gym for about four years.

Oldest, about level 6/7, has cost me quite a bit, and we have a health care system in Canada. She got jumpers knee in 2006, that took much PT and time. The She had achilles tendonitis in both ankles, followed up with bursitis in her hip, caused by an underlying scoliosis. That was one whole year of on and off PT, let alone diagnostics and ortho stuff. She's fine right know, and I have everything crossed that this is it for her. As for accidents, she broke her toe when someone dropped a spring board on it, ouch. In 7 years that's nothing!

The problem is also that you do not know if your child is prone to these types of injury untill it happens. Even if she had quit gym on the spot, I would still have had to pay to rehab her injuries.

I couldn't possibly have paid for all that rehab and the Doc visits and for gym too. A $2500 deductable is very high and means you'll be paying out of pocket for everything but the most extreme issues.

The US needs a new government that puts the health of it's countries children high on the list. But that is a whole other rant. I come from the Britain, where we have universal healthcare, I emigrated to Canada where we have the same thing. It seems so wrong that kids in the US are only covered if their parents can afford it or are in the right job.:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:
I wish I could allay your fears and say as a little 6yo L4, you don't have to worry about injuries. Being realistic, kids can get hurt just playing in the backyard. She can get injured in any other sport/activity----dance, soccer, ice skating etc. Gymnastics does add some risk to her health. I really believe the overuse injuries are more common, but it can take months before child and parent are aware there is a problem. Most of the serious injuries(ie fractures etc) are usually more "freak" type things, but they do happen. Are girls who are optional level and therefore pushing to do tough skills plus spending more and more time in the gym at a bigger risk----hate to say the answer is yes(hate to say it because my gymie is in that group).

My gymie who didn't start pre-team until age 7, has had 2 episodes of "jumper's knee" and some mild wrist tendinitis plus a short lived biceps tendinitis. Right now, she is dealing with on again/off again heel pain in her "go" leg. She did have a growth spurt and hours in the gym have increased, so that is the cause. Right now, no care for the heel pain other than ice, occasional Advil. She had a teammate at our old gym who did have to quit at age 11 due to a chronic jumper's knee and then a stress fx. in her low back. Yes, young kids can get their bodies beat up in this sport.

I'm not going to jump into the whole insurance discussion except to say, check these policies VERY closely. No policy covers everything at 100%(don't care what the deductible is)-----really do intense research including contacting your state atty general's office(usually consumer affairs) regarding some of these companies.

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