How much Leo's and Comp Fees usually?

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Hi I am sorry for all of the questions I am new to all of this my DD 4 1/2 has just been selected for pre team since she cannot compete until she is 6 and right now her tuition is 150 a month for 3 hours per week and I know it is going to get much worse, but I was wondering what they charge for Leos warm ups and Comp fees?

Dd's warm up was $160, but we are using it for 2 yrs. This yr's comp leo (the girls get a new comp leo every yr) is $225 - it's a long sleeve leo.

I did hear though that the Level 4s I think were getting a short sleeve version of the same leo, so it would be less money - don't know exact cost.
At our gymmie's gym, the leo runs between $100 - 200. The warm-ups (pants and jacket)are $140, bag $20, embroidery on bag another $10, scrunchie is $5, crocs are optional and are $12. Team tank leos are $25 and worn to pradtice on an assigned day each week. Comp wear usually stays the same for about 3 yrs.
DD's apparel fee is $480 but that includes a really nice, long-sleeved competition leo, warm up pants and custom jacket, Crocs, gym bag and two parent t-shirts. They also use everything for two years so we don't have to buy new stuff this year. :D
Leo around $160, Warm-up pants $35, Jacket $130, Bag $35-$45 (depends on the size you want).

Fees? $290/yr comp fee for coach's travel. Does not include anything beyond regionals. Should a girl make Westerns or Nationals, her family has to spring for ALL the coach's expenses. This year, only one girl went to Nationals as the other lvl 10 was injured. I think the family bandied about the figure of $3K+ for traveling and bringing the coach along.

Even if your athlete lands a full-ride scholarship one day, I bet you still come out in the hole one all the expenses! We used to joke that we'd be smarter to stick all the money in a 529 and just PAY for college.

The monthly tuition fee is going to vary by gym, COL of the area the gym is in, hours of training, and level. Makes comparisons all but impossible.
As you can see it depends on they type of Leo your team uses. Our leo is a tank and it cost us $35 and our warm-ups were $85, we required matching team bags with the girls names on them and they were $30. Comp fee's are going to be around $93-97 per comp. We are only going to compete in 5 this year because most of our 35 girls are very young and never competed before. Hope this helps.
I think you can estimate between $125 and $175 for the comp leo(if they use a tank style it would be much less). Our booster club buys the warm ups---so no cost to us. At our 1st gym, warm ups were $140. As was mentioned most gyms keep their leos/warm ups for 2-3 years and then change color/style. If your gymmie doesn't grow alot in that time,you can get away with using the same stuff for that 2-3 years. Some gyms(ours included) have a team leo(usually tank style) that is worn 1 day/week----they can be anywhere from $35 to 75 or so.

Comp fees vary depending on the size of the meet and level. Lower levels tend to have lower fees($40-50 per meet) plus coaching expenses. Optional girls at big invitiationals will pay $100 or more easily and most times, those fees are not refundable.

So, if you have 1.5 yrs before your little one competes, start putting some $ aside. There is also her USAG membership fee(usually paid in June/July) plus each gym may have additional fees for team kids to pay.
Our compulsories leo costs about $105, the warm-up $175. I actually averaged the whole year out (booster club fees, competition fees (for approx 6 meets), leo/warm up, etc) and it added about $100/month to the tuition fee. So in my mind we pay about $300/month for gymnastics and that includes just about everything. Ouch.
The warm ups are about 75 and the leo is 125. A lot of money! Good luck to your dd on pre-team!:)
First,Congrats on the PreTeam! Now, get out your checkbook! LOL

Our Warm Up leo is about $35. The comp Leo was about $100. The warm up pants were $30 and Warm up Jacket was $140. The gym bag was about $40.

We keep our Comp Leos 3 years and warm ups for more than that.

Comp fees: My DD is an optional gymnast, they are about $100 each.

Then coaches fees vary based on how many sessions the coaches need to be there divided by how many gymnasts are competing. We averaged $60 per meet last year. Like another poster said, Regionals and Nationals get real spendy because less gymansts are going. But the booster club does help with some of those expenses.

Good Luck and enjoy the first few years of competition!!
Our leo/warmup and bag runs 350 every 2 years

and our competion fee this year is 700. She is a level 7. But for our level 4s it is 400, level 5s 600. Also USGA membership of 55(i think) once a year.
Is it common to receive a handbook or something that lists the fees?

The coaches haven't told us costs about anything, but I have conversed with seasoned parents to get some insight. I'm saddened that there seems to be a communication problem at the gym when it comes to costs.
Southern---one problem that seems to be very common with gyms is communication--lack of it. Some give you a breakdown on fees the day your dd makes team and others seem to keep it a secret and then pounce on you asking for a check for this and one for that. Our gym does have a team handbook and fee schedule.

Just stop at the desk and ask if they do have a sheet with all expenses for your dd's level. If not, ask them to tell you----does she need a competition leo. monthly tuition, if she is going to compete then how are meet fees paid? You can also ask her coach, but many times they don't know the exact figures and send you to the front desk anyway.
CONGRATS to your DD for making the team! I totally understand about being in the dark about really does seem to be some unspoken secret and they change all the time. My DD competed last year as a L4, & I thought I would know exactly how to budget our $$ for this year but they've changed everything! Now, in addition to our tuition, they've lumped all our comp fees, coaches fees, USAG fees together for a "assessment fee" to be made in 5 payments. I can give you a breakdown though...we live in NJ and seem to be on the expensive side compared to others here in theis forum.

We need:
Team leo $35.00 (discounted because of some problems w/GK)
Warm-up (buy big and get several seasons out of it) $150.00
Comp leo (we were supposed to get 2 years out of it but because of problems had to re-order and new one from another company for $135.00
Gym bag w/name $40.00 (should last a couple years)
Assessment fee: includes Comp fees, coaches expenses, USAG membership, ect..$1,350 yr for L4/L5
Tuition for L4 275.00/month for 10.5 hrs

I don't even want to do the math right now in case I have a heart attack!!

There are opportunities to whack off some fees in working meets which are a big help, but I went into this second year thinking I knew all the fees involved (and budgeted) and since it has gone up about $700.00 this year I'm afraid we may not make it out of L4 now. My DD loves the gym, we LOVE our gym & coaches and never want to leave in search of greener pastures, but with all our fees going up we may be forced to look elsewhere next year if she wants to do L5.

My advice is to speak w/the office or owner to get those fees in writting and find out how often they go up and what the other levels pay too so you know what's ahead! Coaches probably don't know the fees involved so stick w/the office staff.
How exciting for you is a fun, wild ride!

Our comp leo and warm up is $525 (also includes bag and scrunchie--monogramming is extra and not required and we don't have matching shoes)
Parent's Club fee is $250
USAG fee is $55
Meet fees are approx. $300
Tuition is $375, and our gym bases your tuition on your hours.

Hope all goes well!:)

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