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Hello. I am a mother of 4. My oldest, Hannah, who turned 7 in March will be competing level 5 this year. She was level 4 state champion on the floor last year. 2nd AA. She loves going to the gym. She would live there if we let her!! I would love to meet others who enjoy gymnastics as much as we do!! We are at a wonderful gym in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
welcome! Sounds like Hannah is doing great:D I am mom to 3 wonderful kids, my oldest is 14 yrs (son), another 12 yr old (son) and 5 yr old (daughter)- My sons only recently switched from rec T&T to team and are levels 7 & 6 on the tramp & my little one trains level 5 in gymnastics at a gym in Indiana. Hope you enjoy it here! Nice to "meet" you...

(I am formerly known as littlegymchampsmom)
We Love the gym too!

Hi! It's nice to "meet" you. I am the proud mom of 3 and grandmother of a beautiful 20 month old little girl.

My 6 year old is our gymnast and she would live there too if she could! LOL!
She has been dancing ballet/tap/acro since she was 3. Last August she decided she liked the acro best and wanted to try gymnastics. In March she got invited to the team, Level 3.

We are having a blast and really enjoy watching her! I'm gonna have to get a second job to get my grandbaby started too! She is a HOOT watching Mackenzie and trying to do somersaults and back bends and all! :D

We are in Thomasville, NC. Maybe we'll meet up at a competition somewhere one day. What gym are you in? Chattanooga isn't far from us at all really!

Best wishes to you and yours and keep flippin, flyin, and tumblin'!
We are at Gymnastics Center of Chattanooga...GCC for short.
Hi there . I have two gymnasts. My dd is also a competing level 3 she is 7 and my ds is 5 and he does rec. We live in New York

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