Parents Juju is a Level 4 State Champ!!!

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LB_State AA Champ.jpgWe are in total shock! :eek: Juju competed in her very first State Gymnastics Championships on Sunday and did an AWESOME job! :D She got 5th place on vault. Then on bars, beam and floor got FIRST place! (The highest she has ever placed was 3rd.) She is South Carolina’s new Level 4 All Around State Champion for the 6-year-old novice division. Of course, along with being the AA Champ, she is also the Bars, Beam & Floor State Champion too. (gotta really get that parental bragging in there – LOL)

Her scores were:

Vault – 8.8 (5th place)
Bars – 8.425 (1st place)
Beam – 9.3 (1st place) – WOW!
Floor – 8.925 (1st place)
AA – 35.45 (1st place)

This was her first 9 on beam and it was an awesome routine! We were in shock with her score but she truly deserved it as the routine was very solid. On bars, she was a little off but no major deductions, just a lot of little things adding up I guess. Floor was pretty good and vault has always been her worst but today she pulled off a decent one. Even though she has even better routines in her (especially bars) she was over 8-tenths of a point higher then the 2nd place AA score. Again, total shock!!! :eek:

I would have never imagined when we started the season in October, right after she turned 6, that she would even have a chance at being a State Champion. We were thrilled that she broke a 28 on her first meet. She has worked so hard and improved so much in 5 short months. She is so proud of herself and has every right to be.

Another VERY exciting thing… Our team also took 1st Place in the Team Competition out of the 35 teams that came to the State Meet. The 4.5 foot tall trophy was taller then nearly every one of the girls on team. Too funny! What an AWESOME weekend we have had! Can you say FUN – DAY- MONDAY? I am sure the girls will get to do WHATEVER they want. I see some more giants in Juju's future - LOL.

That was our last meet of the season so now on to up-training to see what the girls can learn until it is time to buckle down again in the fall to work on compulsory routines for next season.
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Congrats to Juju!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are an amazing little girl. We are so proud of you. You ROCK!!
If there was ever a time to brag. She did so great. Being a proud Mama after all that hard work all year is the best feeling in the world. I think that as we get older, we somehow thought as mothers, we won't have that feeling of pride and accomplishment again, but God works in mysterious ways and allows us to experience it again with something special added. I heard the judges at that meet were scoring especially tough so great job.
I heard the judges at that meet were scoring especially tough so great job.

I have been told by many that one of the judges doing beam at this meet (a male judge) is the toughest in the entire state. Juju had the highest beam score from her entire team which is unbelievable but even more impressive... She had the #6 beam score of the ENTIRE meet with right at 300 girls! Not too shabby for a young 6 year old. All I can say is WOW! I think I am still a bit in shock.
OMG - what a great day to pull off the meet of her life !! Great Job JUJU and we are so proud of you.

I can feel you all smiling up here in NC -- Please send some good luck to good ole' NC as DD's state meet is Saturday !!

Great Job JuJu !!!!!!!!!!
Holy Cow!!! :eek:

The Chalk Bucket is breeding champions!!! Congratulations to Juju (and Juju's Mom).

It's almost not fair that she could be so talented and cute at the same time. :D

Your pride is contagious. We're all proud of your dd.

- Harv
Congrats Juju! What a way to finish the season. I love the picture of her beaming, can't wait to see the video
Woohoo!!! Nice job! Hey, that is definately "brag-worthy"!:D Congratulations!!
That is wish we would have come back to see the 6 yr olds!!!!:) What an awesome AA, wow, wow!

(and yes, that beam judge was VERY tough!);)

CONGRATS JUJU! Hopefully we'll see you at a meet next season!:)
Congratulations JuJu!!! Great job!!! Bet she's still on :cloud9:, as well she should be!!! A big high-five to the the STATE CHAMP!!!!

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