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One of the other post about uneven bar placement got me thinking. In all the gyms around here they have several pieces of equipment for the kids to practice on. I just assumed based on what I see at our local gyms that everyone had about the same. So it got me wondering and thinking.....

What equipemnt does your gym have?

We have the following.

In our gym we have the one floor, one competitive vault, one Practice vault (foam block that has a vault table surface mini tramp is used and land in a foam pit) One level 4 Vault set up , 3 uneven bars, 2 men's high bars, 2 sets of still rings, 3 pommel horses, 3 mens mushrooms, 6 balance beams that are in the high position (2 are adjustable) 3 balance beams that are about 12 " - 18" off the ground, 3 beams that are on the ground, tumble track, trampoline, and 2 climbing ropes, and an in ground saltwater swimming pool. Oh and plenty of parking and bleachers that are wider than most and hold ALOT of people.
One floor, one vault(start run in changing room and we have to manage three different vault set ups on one run) two high beams, one med beam and two low beams, beams dismount onto floor. Two sets of bars. If we don't vault we can put up a strap bar. One trampoline. No tumble track or pit.

Small lunch room for gymmies only. No viewing area. Gym is very compact, but this is a huge improvement over the years were we trained in a high school and had to put up/take down daily.

My girls love going to summer camp where they get to try tumble track and dismount into pits. They do have serious gym envy when we see some vids on youtube.
Bars- 2 sets of regulation uneven bars, 2 mens high bars, 2 strap bars, 2 sets of rec uneven bars, 1 rec bar that stands alone, 2 womens and 1 mens bar mounted across a in ground pit for release move practice

Vault- 2 standard vault areas, 2 practice vault areas that have tables in front of a pit. 2 vaults with a porta pit mat rather than a table for rec kids.

Beam- 4 high beams, 4 low beams

Floor- 2 floors, but we have 2 long rod floors as well

Trampolines- 1 tumble track, 2 acro tramps

Rings- 3 sets

Pommel horse- 2

Parallel bars- 2 sets

Mushrooms- 2

We have an upstairs preschool area (parent and kid classes, 3 year olds) with a big floor space, bars, rings, 2 trampolines, a bunch of mats, little beams, and it's own viewing room

Downstairs preschool area (4 and 5 year olds) has 5 beams, floor area, mat obstacle course, 2 trampolines set in front a of a mini-pit, 4 preschool bars, and rings.

2 viewing areas, one upstairs, one down, lobby, locker rooms, and a bunch of office space off to the side for the coaches.
Oh we have a viewing area with cubbies for kids a small kitchen area with tables for team members to break in and of course the Pro shop where the leos and home equipment can be purchased
I'm not even sure what some things are called, but we have one floor, one regulation vault, another vault area with a board--both can vault into a pit, two tumble tracks--also into pits (with foam blocks). 4 sets of uneven bars (but the team only uses two of them, so I don't know if the other two are "regulation" or not). A high bar with a foam block pit under neath. A bar in a depressed channel area (make sense??). I think we have like 7 beams up high, 4 knee high beams and two or three floor beams. There's also a big tramp and ropes to climb. Preschool area is walled off separately and we have a parent bleachers area in the gym.
counting in my head from memory:

Two full size floors, three pits, two ropes, three vaults, two tumble tracks, twelve competition beams, six low practice beams, one high bar, seven uneven bars. (not counting any kinder-gym stuff), two acro trampolines. There is an upper level viewing area w/bleachers etc. Locker rm for L8's and above. Coaches lounge, gym store.
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Switched DD from a 24,000 sq foot facility to a gym with:

1 set regulation bars (hope to get another soon)
1 strap bars
2 preschool bars
No pit (hopefully in about 1 year or so)
No Tramp
1 Tumple Track
1 Vault Table
1 L4 Vaulting System
1 Floor
2 High beams
3 Low Beams
1 Climbing Rope
Small waiting area where you can watch. Not much of a pro shop. 1 vending machine with snacks/drinks.

We have found that we will take the quality coaching over the best facility anyday.
Interesting thread!

I am not sure what DDs gym has for boys equipment, but I can estimate the girls gym equipment. There is one spring floor, a tumble track, Vault track into pit, tumbling pit, bar over the larger pit, 4 uneven bar sets, 1 strap bar set up, climbing rope, climbing net, beam room has several high beams, several medium beams and 2 low beams. There is also a T&T tramp that the girls get to use sometimes. There is also a dance room for dance class and a viewing room that allows you to see beam room and dance room. There is some seating for parents, but you can't see much. Large, full stocked preschool gym and beams/bars for rec levels in main gym.

Our gym has many things going on at once, but it all seems to work out. There is a girls and boys team, T & T team, and cheer as well. Also a baseball pitching area that runs along one side of the gym (can't see inside) and a professional pitcher that works there sometimes.

The only thing I miss about DDs old gym is the viewing area and that they had an extra floor (though it wasn't a spring floor, it was used for other things, rec, cheer).
counting in my head from memory:

Two full size floors, three pits, two ropes, three vaults, two tumble tracks, twelve competition beams, six low practice beams, one high bar, seven uneven bars. (not counting any kinder-gym stuff), two acro trampolines. There is an upper level viewing area w/bleachers etc. Locker rm for L8's and above. Coaches lounge, gym store.

WOW!! I'm impressed - Ok you need to take some video of this amazing gym and youtube it. Where is it? I'd love to visit it just to see it.
Wow after all the begging and pleading I did for a ballet barre and mirrors I forgot to add them lol. We have a pro shop as well, 2 ropes, and a big upstairs party room. I don't know how I forgot this, it's not like I work there or anything durrr....:p
1.5 floors
1 tramp tumble track
1 floor tumble track into pit
7 high beams
3 low beams
3 uneven bars
2 high bars over pit
1 adjustable bar over pit
1 parallel bars
1 set rings
1 mushroom
1 acro tramp
1 rope
1 vault runway
adjustable vault area (converts from vault table to vault mat or pit)
2nd floor stadium bleachers viewing area
2nd floor pre-school gym

compact area but the layout is well planned out. They plan to expand the gym sometime this year. Even though there is not much area for lots and lots of equipment, their equipment is regularly being replaced with new ones. That's one of the perks of being corporate owned. They just got all new pit and landing mats, new foam in pit, new balance beams and new springboards.
WOW! My daughter also has gym envy from youtube. She always wants to go visit someplace! well . . . our current gym has . . .

2 UB bars
1 highbar . . . switches from metal to wood and has straps
2 bars on the floor (what are they called?)
they have a bungie bar thing . . . no idea what it's called
1 foam block floor
2 floor beams, 2 low beams, 1 fat beam, 1 high beam and 1 crank beam that easily goes from floor to olympic height ( I know because DD has cranked it that high)
1 vault run w/ vault, portable adjustable vault block that they move all over
1 mens vault, I've never seen moved or used
1 tumble track
Oh and all those shaped mats for preschool
ummm . . . party/waiting (no viewing)/ cubby room & an office that seconds as a shop w/ the leos, tshirts etc.
2 bathrooms . . .
I think that's it.
Considering the space they have it layed out really well.

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