Parents Making the 2008 Olympic Team (video)

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Here's an interesting short piece featuring the pressures that the girls had to perform under to make the 2008 Olympic team. I think it really does a great job of demonstrating how special these girls are to be able to perform at that level under such enormous pressure.

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Just curious if anyone would like to discuss dealing with the mental pressures that go along with competitive sport?

I'm sure we all tell our dd's to just have fun, do their best and don't worry about the scores or placements, but whether we like to think about it or not, gymnastics is a competitive sport. The pressures that these girls go through regardless of what level they are in are no different then the pressures felt by elite gymnasts at national meets.

Can you just imagine for one minute what it's like to put on that team leotard and get up there in front of dozens of you peers, judges, parents and coaches and what it takes to perform a routine in that atmosphere? At the end of it all, one girl gets to climb to the top step of the podium for each event and the AA. All these girls work hard and have to deal with the emotions that go along with being in a competitive sport.

Being a CB member for awhile now, I've been through alot of the up and downs that we all go through in the course of a season. Now, most of us have been through states and regionals and we start the cycle all over again with the pressures of learning new skills and hopefully advancing a level. With each new season comes the chance that this could be the year that it all clicks....and then the competitive cycle begins again.

Any thoughts?
I think that there is no amount of pressure that I, as her mother, can put on her that remotely comes close to the amount of pressure she puts on herself.

I know what it's like to have it click for my dd, level 7 AA State Champion in 08 and then go to level 8 this yr, have a great season and then a not so great State meet. Watch all of her team mates qualify to Regionals and my kiddos is the only one who didn't.

I do my best to put everything in perspective, we are the cheerleaders for our kids - I am her biggest fan! :D I was heartbroken for her, not because of her. :(

She simply amazes me though. She held her head high and went right back into the gym and is working even harder.

These are character building moments and all of the experiences that our girls are going through are building amazing girls who will become amazing ladies and I can't wait to see what she becomes.... ;)
Luckly, My Nasita is one of the less competitive members of her team. She's there to show off more then compete. She doesn't really care if she comes in 1st or 9th. For the time being, DW and I are enjoying this attitude, knowing that as she advances and gets older, this will certainly change.

To me, the Elites, and U.S. team pressure is simply unimaginable and I'm frankly happy that Nastia will NEVER be at that level.

Even after spending more then two-thirds of thier lives training in gymnastics, in effect, giving up their one and only shot at a "normal" childhood, friends, family time, childhood adventures, etc -- it's STILL up to the US Gymnastics committee to decide their true fate. So I'm confident there is a good deal of 'sucking up' on top of athletic ability heaped upon this already fragile stack of pressure.

The one thing I absolutely LOVE about Olympic Gymnasts is the true level of modesty, civility, and sportsmenship they display. You simply don't see a gymnast from any country interviewing with the media, and 'talking smack' like you see in other sports, or being disrespectful to other competitors. (such is the case in Track and other sports like it).
They are always cordial, respectable, and sports minded to the truest of definitions.

I have nothing but respect.
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These are character building moments and all of the experiences that our girls are going through are building amazing girls who will become amazing ladies and I can't wait to see what she becomes.... ;)

I couldn't agree more. It's been amazing to watch the transformation as my little dd is growing up. This 'charecter building' is one of the main things that makes this sport great. I can't wait to see how it all turns out.

Someday, I'll be sitting on my front porch in my rocking chair with a big smile on my face feeling satisfied that I did everything I could to provide opportunities for my kids to try things that don't always come easily and that they accepted these challenges and became better people just for trying.

i think when that day comes, my heart will be very full:)

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