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A couple weeks ago I posted that my dd "got" her mill circle finally...but I didnt get to see it.

Well, apparently she lost it for a couple weeks, because I stayed to watch bars several days in a row and she wasn't able to do it. She even told me she didn't know how to do it anymore after the first night she did it.

Tonight, she did the thing NINE TIMES IN A ROW!:D

Do you think this counts as "having" it now?!? (I was about to post that we had been defeated by the evil mill circle once again!)

Oh...and I still haven't seen her do it! I have been away from the gym all week with a sick 2 yr old.

Nine times, though? She should have it now, right?:p
Oh how I hate that Mill Circle. It is such a beast. Once my DD got it (after 6 agonizing months :eek: of trying) she has not missed it. There is a girl in her group who has had it and lost it several times.

You just never know. 9 times in a row sounds promising though !!!

Tell her not to give up. Eventually she will have it for good.
You don't have to tell me twice !!

She would bend that front leg as soon as she came up to the top of the bar and fall back every time. AARRGGG !! So frustrating.
My dd is/was "hooking" her top leg and falling back around backwards. Same thing, she'd do it every time, over and over and over!!! It is/was awful to watch. Note how I am saying is/was just in case...;)

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