Mock Meet coming up on Saturday...wish DD luck!

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DD and their team have a mock meet on Saturday. I think I am more nervous than she is! All the girls have never competed before so this will be their first experience in a "meet setting". If anyone see's the fairy family anywhere, send them to the Md area!!!! Thanks everybody!!!
Good Luck to your daughter.I will keep my fingers crossed.Rounding up all the feiries to sent to you.I'm usually more nervous than my daughter too.
Good luck! I'm sure your DD will do fine. I think I am always more nervous than my DD is, but I try like heck not to show it. Sending those fairies down south for you.
I am sure she will do great and have a blast. My DD loved her Mock Meet. She thought is was just so awesome. Hopefully cheer has gotten her used to competing and she will just be able to relax and do what she knows how to do.

I am with you on being more nervous than DD. I doubt I will sleep a wink the night before her first meet and she will be happily snoring. LOL.

I will send any fairies I see around here up to your DD if you send them back to mine for Sunday. :D
Good Luck is on the way -

I am sure she will do well. I think that the Mock Meets are very helpful. I really does help the girls who have never competed before get a feel for how the meet will be. It will at least alleviate the fear that they will not know what to do. then you just have to let the fairies handle the events !!!

Be sure to let us know how she does
Sending lots of good luck fairies her way - and calm fairies your way. She is probably a lot less nervous since she is used to performing in front of people from cheer- just remind her not to blow kisses to the judges :p
Good Luck to your DD, and as a parent don't forget to breath! I get so nervous that my hands begin to sweat. I need chalk just to video tape. ;)
Lots of luck to her! I am sure she will do fine. The mock meets are very helpful - and fun! I will try to send some "sleep vibes" your way for Friday night;)! Sounds like me - I am getting a little better at sleeping the night before - it's only been two years:rolleyes:! I agree with dadingym - don't forget to breathe! I have that problem, too:eek:!!
Good Luck

Good luck! I'm sure your daughter will do good! It's normal for us moms to be more nervous, I think! :confused: My daughter has sectionals this Saturday and I am Extremely nervous too! She is just happy that she's going but I'm not sure what to expect! I don't want to ask her if she's nervous cause I don't want her to even think I'm nervous! All I know is that she has to make 33 AA to make it to state! :eek: Hopefully it's a good day for her!
Good luck to her! Sending those fairies your way.:) Keep us posted on how she does.
Good luck fairies flying your way!! Just look at this as a fun learning experience for both of you. DD will do fine and you will survive as well.

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