Parents Presidential Classic?

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Sorry, couldn't see anything in the Meets section on this.

Does anyone know much about this, that they can share? I'm sending my 9yo on a 10 day transcontinental trip from the UK for this (plus some training days and some theme parks) - no parents just his team and the coaches from the gym, so would be good to have any info before he goes.

Honestly I'm way more freaked out about this than he is - he's bouncing off the walls and can't wait to go!
I am assuming you are referring to the meet In Orlando next weekend?

My DD competed it last year and it was a great experience. It is held on Disney property so it is happy environment.

Orlando is hot this time of year so encourage him to drink plenty of electrolytes. Depending on your climate the change in weather mixed with park adventures could cause dehydration.

In our experience this part of Orlando is safe and easy to navigate. As far as parks goes I’d recommend he set up an emergency ‘where to meet plan’ as they can be crazy busy and we’ve seen kids get separated.

I’m sure he’ll have a great time! Hopefully he comes home with some great memories and beautiful medals!

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