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So those of you who know me, know also that my oldest girl has had two years of assorted injuries. They have been related to her mild scoliosis and over pronation.

She was pain free for two months, but for the last two weeks she has been having pain just below the bony lump on the outside of one foot. We of course have been doing the RICE thing and we have an appointment with her sports therapist on Monday. But, I know that this pain is related to over pronation of the foot, the pain is when she runs mainly, but that of course stops her vaulting tumbling and jumping.

I am looking for a support that she could wear to help her with the pronation problem, I have googled everything I can think of, but only come up with products that go in a running shoe. As you know for gymnastics she needs something with her toes out.

Obviously she wouldn't be using this until her pain is gone, I just think that if her foot was better supported she would not have these repeated injuries.:confused:

Of course the Bog Baby is very frustrated, again, she has a comp in three weeks and once more is having to pull back on training. It also means that about half of every gym class she can't do much more than condition as the gym is very small and too full for her to use a different apparatus whilst her group vaults or tumbles.

It is truly one step forward, two steps back for her. She is the only gymnast in our club with these issues, so it is clearly not a coaching issue. When we watch her run it is very easy to see the pronation, and I imagine with all the running that is involved in gym that this is going to be problematic.

Help!!!!! :D
oh, our girls and the injuries....
Has Bog Baby tried the Cheetah heel cup? Its a really good one because of the crossed support bands. My dd has long narrow feet. She started complaining a few years ago and as it turned out, her arch in the right foot was starting to colapse. My brother (an orthopaedist) rigged up the Cheetah with an extra band that looped over the big toe. It kept her from turning her foot over but was hard for her to get use too wearing because it pulled down on the toe and caused cramps at first. After a while those eased up.
Keep us updated on your dd's progress.
She wears the Cheetahs all the time, they are great but do nothing for the pronation. She had achilles tendonitis in both feet last year. It has taken us quite a while to work out that most of her injuries have been due to pronation. It is just poor body mechanics.

She will see the sport therapist tomorrow, I will order some gymnastics shoes and take them to the foot specialist in town. Her might be able to make a very low profile orthotic to go in the shoes that will do what the cheetahs do and support the arch more. Hopefully this helps.

Funny she skied all day today with not a pain, moguls double black diamonds etc. When she was 7 she had to choose between comp gymnastics and ski racing, maybe we should have gone the other way.;) Though ski racing is really scary.

I'll let you know how it goes.

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