WAG Repeat level 9 vs. level 10?

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This decision is obviously up to my daughter’s coach, I have zero input, and wouldn’t even discuss it with them, but I’m curious what other parents/coaches think.

Is it better to repeat level 9 and have a strong year, or move to level 10 without 10.0 start values on all events?

Little background, my daughter will be in 9th grade next year. Her level 9 season started off strong(36+, 9.5 bars etc), but she got injured after only 2 meets and still isn’t back 100% yet. Her best events are bars and floor, I’m fairly confident she can put together level 10 routines on those events(likely with some up to level deductions). Vault is vault, she would compete a yurchenko layout either way. Beam is the one event she will possibly struggle on, she doesn’t have a level 10 series yet. She competed bhs-bhs for level 9 and just took the deduction. She seems confident she can get her series this summer, but seeing as she isn’t even doing bhs on the floor yet (injury comeback) I have my doubts. She doesn’t have any mental blocks on beam, but her bhs-bhs series took 2 years to get solidly, she takes her time to get comfortable with new skills on beam.

She has D1 goals, which I know is a long shot, but if the goal is to have her hopefully a solid level 10 by 10th grade, is it better to have a mediocre level 10 season as a 9th grader or an amazing repeat level 9 season as a 9th grader? Or does it not matter?
considering she is only in 9th grade I think a repeat of level 9 would be the best option because she would most likely be level 10 by junior year which is what most colleges are looking for when recruiting
Unless you feel it is unsafe, L10 at 9th grade is ideal. 10th grade is her recruiting year (for the average D1 athlete) since the summer after 10th grade is when colleges can contact you. The first year L10 can be an eye opener. Having that one year of experience before would make her better prepared for the second year when she is in 10th grade. There are always exceptions and such and you and your coach know your daughter best so definitely a conversation to have so that everyone is on the same page.
Maybe an unpopular opinion here - life is short, go to L10!

My DD was in a similar situation w/readiness for L10. Kept her back in L9 'to have a successful season' which didn't pan out due to injury and the pandemic. Should have just gone to L10 - at least she could have said she 'made it all the way'. My DD was a senior and so I realize yours has 4 more years in the sport but still. Where I live there's a wide range of L10 skills competed and while my DD would not have been a competitive L10, she would have had plenty of company with her skills.
Sounds like she has 3 solid SVs. As long as she is fine with lower scores that first year, I would say L10. L10 can be daunting and getting that first year under your belt before the official recruiting begins can really help with confidence. The only reason to maybe stay in L9 would be if she had a really good shot for placing at Eastern/westerns to give her the "national" experience and boost her confidence
My daughter did level 9 twice. Her first year was decent.. but she did amazing her second year in level 9. Her confidence is sky high. It was definitely worth it as she became rock solid and consistent in her routines and skills. She is finishing up 8th grade and will do level 10 next year (freshman year). So I think repeating is probably better just from my daughter’s experience. Every kid is different though

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