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I am a level 7 gymnast and I cannot stop ripping!!! I have had nine rips in a 5 day week of practice. And this has been happening for the past month or so. I was wondering though, should I moisturize my hands regularly or will that just add to my rips. Many articles online say that you should moisturize your hands regularly but at least in my gym, we try to let the skin on our hands dry out. Whats your take?:cool:
I've always heard that you should moisturize your hands a lot. If you have callouses that are ripping, try using a pumice stone to "shave" them down. There is another thread on here about hand care. I think it's called "Help for her hands" in the Parents' forum.
My dd's coaches are big on moisturizing hands also. My dd actually keeps some in her locker. Keep in mind too that a lot of girls start ripping again in level 7 even though they may not have in years. Swinging those giants over and over again is rough on the hands.
One of my gymnasts (Alex) who does not wear hand guards at all has rips every day, and im not talking little baby ones, she has huge rips from doing kips to handstands and giants, but she never complains once.

If you want to be a good gymnast you kinda just have to get on with it!!! :)
I would suggest moisturing your hands. Keep them clean to, to prevent infection. We had one girl where gloves :)rolleyes:) after she got rips, but you should check with your coach before you do that. :p Rips are bad...and they HURT :eek:! I'm ripping :)p) too right now, so we're in the same boat. :D I usually wrap mine up or wear gloves when I'm not in the gym.
I wish I could just keep doing bars. I am very used to the slight stinging of rips but my coaches make me stop cars because they don't want blood on the bars and were not allowed to wear tape grips either so I am stuck between a rock and a hard place because they won't let me do bars but I want to get better! :)
Can you wear real grips and pre-wrap/tape under them?

Yeah keep hands moisturized, dry hands give you soooo many more rips. Pumice stone is good, and there's this stuff called Hand-E-Balm I think that's really good.
Im a level 7 too! I keep a little container of vasaline in my grip bag and i put that on my hands [even when im actualy on bars] when they start to hurt... it helps a lot. You can also wear tape grips under your regular grips but make sure the tape grip is down low on your fingers.
yes moisturize! my coaches always tell our team to dry them out, but even though sometimeessss it heals faster, it usually leaves to cracks and scars. i would suggest using vaseline on your rips instead of neosporn[sp?], it keeps it moisterized longer.
also make sure to wear down your calouses. i learned the hard way, i barely rip, i used to only rip once a year. i hadn't ripped in 3 years haha, and one day i had 2 rips and they were sooo deep. by wearing them down you prevent huge rips.
im with ya all the way. i get blisters on my wrist all the time. i twice i got blood poisening!!!!! im not trying to freak u out. id never do that to anyone. but if u get a blister and u start seeing a red line up your arm, immediately put neosporin on it with a bandade and keep it covered at all times until its all better. or go to the dr and get a shot on your butt then get some yummmy med. it rly is good.

about the constant blisters, i think ive heard about moistering your hands. u dont HAVE to do it. gymnasts get blisters...and more blisters and more blisters and even MORE blisters!! lol. so dont worry. gymnastics is all about having fun and the love of the sport....and blisters!! think of it this way. think of your blisters as your best friends ever. they keep on coming because they love u!!! i know how u feel though so dont worry about it and if they ever hurt, tell your coach like i do. my coaches then let me do something every other turn or im off bars because of pain or i just do easy stuff.

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