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I saw another thread about this and I thought I would mention this. In my DD's advance rec class we haven't saw a bar rotation or a vault rotation in months. They continually work on beam, handstands, stretching, and on ROBHS, but really nothing more. What do you guys think, seems to me they would be doing more with them (She will go to team this fall) to prepare for whats comming up. I haven't said anything, but maybe I will. Just wanted to know what some of you guys have seen at your gyms for this level class.

Hard to imagine going to team in fall without doing bars.

What level is considered team at your gym? Girls at our club begin team with about level 4 skills on all apparatus. But if team begins at level1 or 2 I suppose girls could pick up the skills easily enough once they are on team.
To answer your question...

Bog...Our teams start at level 4, she has practiced bars (in the past, at our old gym) and has the skills she needs, but I don't know if her form is what it needs to be. That is why I feel they should be perfecting old and honing new skills right now. But, I am not a coach, and really not a good judge of the sport. So....I am interested in what all of you will think! Thanks!!
From my opinion, beam and floor are longer, harder, and take more time to learn. Maybe they are just taking the time to learn the routines and to get all the skills on beam and floor before going to bars and vault. Then maybe they will switch and go to bars and vault and take the time to learn that. Good Luck to you!!:) Keep us posted
Bars tend to be one of the hardest events to conquer the skills, so I'm surprised they're not working on them more. At our gym the rec classes have two schedules (A and B) one week they'll do A schedule which works out on bars, floor, and beam; then the next week they're do B schedule which works out on bas, floor, and vault. The nice thing about gymnastics is that if you can do it on the floor, you can do it on beam, so I tend to see gyms spending a little less time on beam in the lower levels and recreational levels. As a competitive team I think it's important to spend adequate time on each event.
When I think advanced recreational class, I think kids that could be on a pre team or getting ready for one. I would inquire politely to the front office/program director or coach? Honestly, some rec programs don't have a month to month or session schedule.

With girls at that level, we always hit floor per week and bars. We did a bit of dance every other week, but not the entire time on floor. Generally beam every other class and I liked to switch tramp/trak/vault.

This also depends on what the class is scheduled for and if team is getting a priority of time and equipment which could be the case.

Most rec classes don't need to be on anything past a medium beam and skills wise, honestly a low beam. However, it is good to get them " up " there on medium or high beam to deal with the different challenges they bring. As most rec kids do not have a solid handstand, it doesn't make much sense pushing it to beam when they can hardly do it on floor or say the L3/4 dismount.

Getting back beyond spealing, girls need to hit bars maybe the most of all the events, especially early on. Most younger athletes will be lacking upper body strength for it so they need to get on it. Working beam and floor won't get them that unless they are conditioning on bars and rope.
They should be working on all the events. You really haven't seen a bar or vault rotation in months? How many months? Before you answer, 1 month is too many.

WHy did you switch gyms?
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On why we switched gyms...

We recently moved to TN from AL. After looking at what else was offered at the other gyms in town, we thought this would be a good fit for us. They are super nice, very familily oriented, and have some great staffers. The team girls appear happy and well rounded, and coached well. During team practice, there is a coach stationed at each apparatus. They work all events each time, so therin lies my confusion with DD's coach. He is the owner of the gym as well, and very good at what he does. I guess I should just ask, there has to be some ryhme and reson to the madness! I'LL KEEP YA UPDATED!
I understand why they are working on beam and floor a lot, I would worry that they aren't working on bars too much. You shouldn't need to worry about working about vault, but every other workout they should atleast spend 20 minutes on it.

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