Shoulder Grind in Ring Swing

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I've been working hard recently at getting my swing on rings to be higher and more powerful. However, now that it is much more powerful I have noticed a grinding sound/sensation in my shoulders at the top of my back swing. It doesn't really hurt, but it definitely does seem right.

I'm just curious is anyone else has noticed this. I have pretty flexible shoulders, could it possible be that I just need to warm up a bit more?

Any input would be appreciated.

are you pushing down on the rings on the back swing? If your shoulders over flex, you might feel that sound. It sounds like your chest is staying in place while your feet drive over you head... at some point, your chest needs to rise to keep up with you body...

I do push with my arms/ shoulders. My arms normally get to about an iron cross position(relative to my body). With my chest at ring height or a little bit higher.
I wish I could help you on this... one of my biggest pet peeves is letting "annoying" things build into real injuries... If you have a trainer available to you, I would suggest you talk to them about it. If it persists, maybe seek a sports medicine doctor to help you.

It could be as simple as the joint being really tight and not properly warmed up, to grinding the ligament. Sometimes, the latter is totally normal in range of motion. Other times, it's your body's way of telling you early on that something isnt right. When it comes to your body, your body knows best.

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