Coaches Shoulder Strengthening for Straight Arm BWD rolls

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I believe that my Level 2 usag girls are struggling with straight arm backward rolls because they lack the shoulder strength but I am not sure good exercises to help improve them. Any drills or exercises that could help, or what works for teaching your kids, I would appreciate so much!! Thank you!!
1. The first half: Candle stick holds (arms covering ears)

In a supported candlestick position on floor, pull a theraband (anchored above) with straight arms overhead. This simulates the hollowed overhead press at the start of the roll. A similar partner exercise is to hold a candlestick with "backward roll hands" (fingers pointing inwards) and have the partner pull up on the hands. The gymnast in candle stick should resist their partner and try to press their pinkies into the floor while keeping their arms straight.

2. The second half: Planched pushup holds (shoulders over hands)

I vary the hight and stability levels: feet on floor, feet on spotting block, feet on bungee cord, feet on exercise ball, etc. The goal is to have them leaning forward in a hollowed pushup position, which strengthens the shoulders and core. Since these holds can be tough on the wrists, I will sometimes do this conditioning during the bar rotation (hands on a floor bar) as part of the casting circuit.

3. The whole thing: hollow body rocks

Keeping the arms straight in a backward roll is much more challenging if the whole rest of the body is mush. A gymnast who can do hollow body rocks in good form will have better success with the backward roll.

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