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Hey, everyone! It's been a while. So I have a bit of a problem.

I'm a new(er) gymnast, about a level 5. I'm fifteen years old, and I want to proceed to higher levels. The situation is that my diet isn't that good, but my mother will not buy healthy snacks. Her grocery list consists of loads of junk food. I know she means well, but all the sweets are hindering my gymnastics performance. How do I deal with this? Any thoughts on this problem are appreciated:)
Have you tried sitting down with her, telling her how much you love gym and want to be able to reach your goals and to do so you need the proper fuel for your body?

Maybe you could find some information at the library or on the Internet that talks about what kind of food / diet ( and I don't mean weight loss when I use that word here) an athlete needs to succeed and stay healthy. You could read them together. A little junk every now and then is ok, but you should be eating primarily healthy foods.

Good Luck
Another thing is when she goes grocery shopping, see if you can go with her, and you can both work it out together as well. That way, you may be able to pick out your own snacks, ect. Everything in moderation is ok.
I agree with Nicci, go shopping with Momand see if you can encourage her to buy you some of the things you want. If you need help with suggstions just ask. There are lots of smart folk on here who could help you buy the right things without spending a fortune.
Some things to get that are healthy and cost-effective:

Oatmeal in the canister, then sweeten it yourself if you need to.
Light tuna
frozen fruit and frozen vegetables
Whole wheat pasta and brown rice
Boneless chicken; stock up when it's on sale

Your mom might find that her grocery bill is actually less than normal, which I assume she would like!
You might actually convince her to cut out the bad snacks as it will be cheaper on the grocery bill than if she was buying fruit and veggies instead. Many bad snacks are very expensive compared to simple good snack options.

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