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I am a level 7 gymnast and i struggle in getting enough power in my passes. I feel really slow when im going, sometimes i can get my backwards tumbling fast but i never can get enough power in my front handspring to go for my front tuck after that. Does anyone have tips in better tumbling?
I was always told to push off the floor in my handsprings and then pull my chest in really fast to get a fast and good height in my tuck front. with back tumble you need to just get your hands driving to the floor quickly and push off it and also using your toes to get faster too :) this was what I was told and it worked :) good luck
Besides form issues, strength will help a lot. With the front HS>front tuck, can you rebound out of your front handspring?
What helps me with back tumbling is to think about pulling my toes over just before my hands hit in the back handspring. Also, when you hurdle, you should be going as fast as you can. Let the hurdle give you a big boost of power.

For front tumbling, make sure your arms are by or even behind your ears the whole time, especially in the hurdle. It'll give you a better pop.
make sure you are keeping your arms by your ears when you rebound out of your fhs.. that will make it easier to go into the front tuck.
Well, I used to have the same problem with front-handspring tucks. The trick is to make totally sure that your feet land ever so slightly behind you. Other than that, see if you have room to take another step, or just work on legs strength and running. Also make sure that you have a strong kick into the handspring.

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