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Hey guys, lately I've been having this little fear of vault. I only do a handspring, and it's ridiculous because I used to be able to do it without a spot and now I'm scared to do it even with one. I don't know why I'm so afraid but I wanted to know if you have any ideas as to how I can get over my fear? Thanks so much, I'd appreciate your feedback.
I would just try going back a few steps. Maybe just start with the L4 vault just onto mats and then try it off the table onto mats. Then try the handspring off the table into the pit if you have one. If you're comfortable with all those things then you could start going back to handsprings with a spot and then without. Hope this helps!
Well the thing is I know I'm perfectly capable of vaulting without getting hurt. I can stand next to the vault and feel fine and tell myself it's no big deal, but when I get to my vault mark on the runner and look at the vault I start to panic. Also, what's an L4 vault? We must not have one...
In USAG it is a hs flat back onto a resi/porta pit/waterever you call it.
Oh okay, thanks! We have a resi. And I have no problem with flat backs, its just the table that freaks me out I guess. We don't have a pit, but it's the beginning of the vault I'm afraid of not the post-flight. Thanks anyway!
Maybe you could put a mat over the vault so you feel more safe while going over? Also, this is just a tip. When ever I get scared of a skill, and I HAVE to do the skill, I always make sure I think one of two things:

1) Sometime positive about doing the skill, like imagining me sticking it.
2) "If I have to do this skill, I'm going to make this count" <-- This one works especially well when I have to do a certain amount of something that I don't really like to do.

I wish you luck with your vault fear and hope you figure everything out!
Have faith...Lots and lots of faith!

Get to your marker, and say, "I CAN DO IT!" Once you step on the runaway, Don't think anything...Just go! (This way you cant physic yourself out!) Run strong and no matter what just hurdle! You absolutely just HAVE to go for it! Dont worry about making it good, just go over so you cant get used to it again, then once your have done a couple, start fixing it! Good luck!!

Just remember: GO! Do not stop, Hurdle, and GO!!

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