Parents We are out of the gym for atleast a month..ugh

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Jordan had to have her appendix removed this past weekend. She came home from gym Friday night and said her stomach hurt... which led to her throwing up for a couple of hours. We thought she had a stomach virus. About Midnight she was still crying and couldn't get comfortable so I ask her if she wanted to go to the hospital thinking she would say no.... needless to say we were on our way to the hospital after calling her ped. nurse hotline that told us to go. The hospital they sent us to was a 2 hour wait......I decided I could not wait for 2 hours with a crying kid and went to a different hospital. They got us right in!!! The doctor came in and was pushing on her tummy and that's when she said it hurt mostly on her right side. They ordered a xray and a CT Scan and sure enough it was her appendix. From then we were transfered by ambulance to the children's hospital here is Dallas. By 2:00 the next day she had surgery. I had no clue I could stay up that did come home Sunday night and is a very sore girl. So we are off a week for school and they said about 6 weeks of gym. Anyone else know what I should except.. is it really going to be 6 weeks? That's a long time in gym time!!! Ouch!!!
So glad that you listened to her and got her to the hospital. I would definitely follow the doctors orders. You don't want her to end up with a hernia or worse, open up her incision and have to deal with that. So many things gymnasts do put strain on the abdominal muscles. I would wait until the follow up appointment with the surgeon and then ask specifically what she could possibly do and when and follow those instructions.

Hope she gets back to herself quickly and that she heals up nicely. :) Sorry she is out of the gym for so long, that is a tough situation. Sending her lots of healing vibes and lots of keep busy and think positive vibes. :goodvibes:
Glad she's okay, appendicitis can turn very nasty. I would take the doctors orders seriously any surgery that cuts through muscle take a while to heal fully. Even when things feel fine they are still healing.

I don't envy you the bored gymmie though!
Glad she is feeling much better although sore. Most appy's these days are done by arthroscope unless they feel the need to look around the abdomen more. The 6 weeks down time is probably to make sure her abdominal muscles can handle all the strain a gymnast puts on them. Ask her surgeon about some light conditioning(and I mean light) after a few weeks----things like riding a stationary bike. He may have been referring to 6 weeks until she can go full out.
Forgot to ask, was it an open appendectomy or laparoscopic? If it was laparoscopic (no large incision, several small incisions) then she may be able to get back to things sooner. If it was the traditional/open appy, then 6 weeks is probably about right.
It was laparoscopic. She is already driving me crazy on day 2....She is so use to staying busy. Just this week home from school is going to be nuts.
I'm sure you are thankful that this is all after states!

Glad she is doing okay. I hope she heals quickly.

Sounds like you may need to invest in that Nintendo GymEnergy game . . .
OHHHH!! Poor Jordan! How scary that must have been for her and for you! I am so sorry that you guys had to go through all that. I am really glad to hear that she is doing well, though. As some have already pointed out, a burst appendix and subsequent peritonitis is quite miserable and very dangerous. Glad you took her to the hospital, but sorry you had to travel to a few during the whole ordeal!

As for returning to gym, only her surgeon will be able to assess that at her next app't. Sometimes they do like to give you an 'outside' figure in terms of time off, just so you're prepared. But you definitely do NOT want to mess w/ the healing of the incisions, etc.

Good luck to her. She is so talented, don't worry about her time off. She'll get right back in the saddle and be fine when she goes back, I'm sure of it! Plenty of time to prepare--her next season is, what, 9 months away, right?

((((HHUUGGSSS))))! To both of you! :)
We had a girl back in November that the same exact thing happened to her. She had the laparoscopy and it did take quite a long time for it to heal. Unfortunately for the team mate that I am talking about the week she finally got the ok to go 100%, she feel off of beam and spiral broke her pinky, which required surgery. :eek: She ended up missing the entire Level 8 season. She is back now though. :eek:

Since this is not the competitive season right now, your dd caught a break and can actually take her time coming back. Not to say she can't come back and condition and stuff, but nothing hard core. It did seem to hurt the girl when she had to use her stomach muscles - like going back in BHS and such - tight pull, I can only image....
Oh no! sending speedy healing fairies you way! I hope she can be active in some way that keeps her entertained!

Good luck keeping her lazy! LOL
OH NO! Hope she feels better sooner rather than later. Health is more important than GYM any time. A break for the summer won't be the end of the world. It might mean a delay in level advancement but I would rather a healthy kid repeating a level.

Good Luck
So sorry to hear Jordan(and you) had to go thru all of this! Thank goodness you left that 1st hospital & got her to one that gave her more timely care. And double thank goodness, that they sent her onto a children's hospital for surgery. That was the BEST place for her!!! So glad it was able to done lapraoscopically, her recovery will go so much better! Happy healing & get well soon Jordan!:)
It was laparoscopic. She is already driving me crazy on day 2....She is so use to staying busy. Just this week home from school is going to be nuts.

Oh no. Sorry to hear this, but I'm so happy everything went smoothly and she is already feeling better. Last year, dd was out for two months. She didn't know what to do with all of her free time and she drove everyone nuts, even her friends:D

Check out the Warriors series if you haven't already Warriors Box Set: Volumes 1 to 6: Erin Hunter: Books

I can recommend some more books if you'd like. Get well soon!!!!
OH NO!!!! But I'm happy that she's already been through it and is now on the road to recovery!!! As everyone else has said, IF this had to happen, now is a "good" time for it to happen! She can take some time off (and drive everyone crazy, yes I know) and heal properly without the pressure of "oh no, my next meet is in X number of days... will I be ready?"

Health is more important than gymnastics!! You don't want her to develop any complications by trying to get back to practice too soon. I forget how old she is, but in addition to the Warrior Cats...what about the "Twilight" series? The girls around here just LOVE them...

Hang in there, the time will really seem to drag, but then at the end looking back, it does seem to have passed quickly. Katy was out for 8 weeks w/a broken collar bone and after 2 weeks at home, she was allowed to go back and work on conditioning. That was really tough since she couldn't do ANYTHING that would rock her shoulder. Gymnastics and NOT move your shoulder??? Well, the coaches figured out what she could do very quickly. You may have the same situation there as well. She could do leg work, cardio work possibly. But she needs to do SOMETHING, right?!?
IMG - I am so glad the surgery went well and that you caught it in time !!

My DD was pretty much out for 8 weeks - she was only allowed to do leaps and turns and some conditioning. It was a tough time for everyone, but you will get through it (it just may not seem like it at the time)

Wishing Jordan my best for a speedy recovery!!
I'm sure she'll be bouncing off the walls sooner then later.

Perhaps in a week or so, you can take her to visit her team? After all, moral support and friendship is helpful to the healing process. My Nasita went back last night for the first time after 10 days out due to her arm injury. It only took about an hour for her to get back into her groove. I wouldn't worry too much about gym. Worry more about what you're going to do to keep her occupied for 6 weeks. That's a tough one.
Thanks for all the support!!! She did go back to school today!! 3 of her gymmies came over and brought cards and gifts... It was so nice!!! One card was from the girls USAG group and everyone signed with little messages. :) I think it made her feel good.
Poor girl. Way to go leaving one hospital for another. That's awesome. Take the time needed for healing. It may be sooner but don't rush it. I know it seems like forever in gym time but once away it won't be all that bad. My dd was out for about 6 to 9 weeks. i thought she'd never go back but did and got all her skills back too plus more. It was almost like a good recharge and refresh. Perfect timing too:) end of season right? movies, magazines, painting nails, friendship braclets, and a book on how to knit got us through some of the days when she was ready to be back but couldn't.

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