What the heck happened??

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I'm getting really mad. i just got my back layout double fulls on floor this summer, and i have competed them all year. They were amazing, blah blah blah, and then about two weeks ago, i started getting kinda lost in them. They were still really good and stuff, but then yesterday at practice, i started not making them around. They weren't that bad, but then today they were worse. I couldn't even hardly make a 1 1/2! I couldn't make them into the pit either! I really need them back for my meet in two weeks. My coach isn't very helpful (grr!) and so i'm asking for your advice. And does anybody else have this problem where they just randomly lose thier skills like this?:confused:

Hello--I am not a coach (just a supportive parent) but have seen this so much with kids in cheerleading and gymnastics. Many times kids "lose skills" simply because they are hitting a growth spurt. You said that you had them beautifully in the summer and now they are starting to fall apart. It could simply be that you are growing and your body just has to re-adjust to the skill. I would back up to the part of the skill that you can do and gradually reteach yourself. if you have to do it into the pit in successions, then so be it. Try not to get frustrated because this will not help things. Just accept that it is happening and that you have to take a few steps back to review the skill. I hope this helps!!!
Yeah, i'll work on that. Also, i have videotapes of me doing it, and i'm going to see if i'm doing something different with my arms or anything different that i can see. :)
Your body may just need a reminder as well...

If you have a trampoline, try doing a back-drop double twist and land on your back. Sometimes you just need to re-feel the skill.

The same thing happened to me with my fulls over the summer, and when I competed I had to do a half in my routine!

I'm not sure what the heck happens.

But I do feel for you..it's very frustrating!
I was just going to have somebody spot me on them to get the feel back, but the problem is that nobody in my gym in capable of spotting me on them. So i have just been trying to do them in the pit, but i keep getting lost. :(
Take it all the way back, to a layout, to a half etc etc. When you are very comfortable with each stage move to the next,but go right back to basics and build on it. I like Ryantroops idea of the tramp skill, you will feel the skill and will not get "lost" in the air with it.

It is normal to have issues as you grow, just be patient and start basic, that way you won't get too frustrated and you will progress.

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