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What do i need to bring to gymnastics camp? Its only 5 days long. Like how many leos should i bring, how many shorts, anything i would not think of to bring, etc.
-10 leos (if you have 2 workouts each day. i did, and it was nice having a fresh leo for the 2nd one) but you CAN get away with less...
-5 pairs of gym shorts
-5+ sports bras
-waterbottle (just make sure you rinse it out each day if you re-use it)
-shower stuff and towels
-money for extra stuff (souvenierish kinda things, or other non-gymnastics activities that cost extra)
-you might want bug spray / sunscreen

it really depends on which camp it is, though. so some of that stuff you might not need. some camps send a packing list...

& dont forget your grips by the way, if you use them. as obvious as that SHOULD be there were a few girls at camp last year who forgot to bring them lol.

what camp are you going to??
Its not a well known camp like woodward or anything. It's at the university my brother goes to. Unfortunately, i have to drive 12 hours. :(
oh... bummer about the long drive. hope ya have fun though! :D
Hey. What camp r u going 2??? I am going to a university also. I really like it there. I want to go there for college its called uUof A
yeah basically what someone else said.idk like some ppl have this intense packing list and all but i just throw stuff in and hope to have everything. u can usually buy some stuff there if you forget tho
I'm going to camp too, and I have the same question. My camp's at a University too, but it's at Mount Holyoke. Mine's 7 days. I need help what should I bring???
- Five leos
- Three shorts
- Three sports bras
- A waterbottle (like a Camelback)
- Shower Stuff & a Towel
- Money (emergency)
- Cellphone
- Grips
- Extra stuff that you might need for personal reasons, like clothes, etc.

You should be good with that stuff! Hope you have fun! :)
I like to bring a journal to talk about how workouts are going, writing down useful tips learned at camp, thinking about goals and how you can apply your experience.

Snacks too. I'm really picky and am not always thrilled over dining room selections. If I don't know what's in it, I don't eat it. Granola, soyjoy bars, and wheat thins are always good with me.

Pillow? Sleeping bag/sheets/blankets? Even if it says pillow and sheets/blanket provided, I'd bring your own. My camp experience tells me that the pillow is often very little, and the sheets can be weird colored/scratchy.

I bring pillow spray, because I have difficulty sleeping in strange situations.

Alarm clock..unless you prefer your phone.

Maybe cards for free time? I've always done that.

Ipod and charger. Also add charger for your phone. Speakers are nice if you have portable ones. Dance parties are fun!

Will you have a roomate? If so, pictures are nice if you want to get to know her better, which brings me to...camera?

Extra bobbypins and hair ties-more than you think you'll need.

All of these are just suggestions, not really necessities.
Hello, i am new. i am going to gymnastics camp also, flip fest in tenessee. hope you have fun

Newest skill: 1 1/2 on floor
Working on: flip flop 1 arm flip flop on beam
Most camps send out the "LIST" of the what to brings.

DD goes every year to the USAG Traning Camp.

What we have learned over the years she has been going is

Don't use a suitcase to pack instead use a large laundry basket and pack clothes ring on the hangers so when you get to camp everything just goes from the basket to the closet. When your done unpacking you have an empty laundry basket for the dirty clothes. DD will fold the dirty clothes in the basket so everything will fit back in.

For Clothing - She brings for 7 days 12 leo (they spend 90% of the time in them), 7 shorts, 7 t-shirts, 2 sweat pants and 2 warmer shirts, 2 bathing suites, 1 dress up outfit for the end of the week dance they have, One outfit in blue and one in red for the color wars competition (you don't know what color team you are on until you get there). 3 PJ's, 1 robe (she likes robes), 7 underware. 2 beach towels. 2 bath towels a face cloth, general hygine products. Rain gear (DD usually brings an umbrella)

Other Items she brings -
*Money - We give her $10 for each day ($70 total). This covers vending machine purchases, the camp trading post purchases, and they have 2 nights during the week for the older kids where they do latenight pizza that they have to pay for extra. The camp puts it in an envelope and the kids need to go and make a withdrawal from the envelope. It elimnates the problem with money being stolen.
*Day pack or backpack to bring the days snacks and needed items when practicing with you.
*Snacks. the vending machines are expensive for snacks so she brings a week worth of snacks. *Drink mix - you know the single serving sized ones you just put in a water bottle.
*A water bottle,
*She likes to read so she always brings a few books,
there is a theme to the week and there are prizes for the best theme room - so decorations are a must.
*A Fan - its HOT in the summer and most dorms don't have AC in our area.
*An extension cord.
*She doesn't bother with a hair dryer - she says why bother her hair is always up in a pony tail and when its hot the wet hair feels cool.
*Something she finds fun to do - like cards, board games, crafts etc.
*She always brings scissors, tape, glue, paper and markers - I don't know what they do with them but they always get used.

*her grips and all that gym stuff (tape, wrap etc)
* Lots of hair ties and scrunci
*copy of her floor music - during free gym if the floor is free they can work on their routines.
* Radio/CD player for her room so she can listen to music when in the dorms. The only TV allowed is the one already at the college in the common areas.
*sheets, blanket, pillow, stuffed animals
*Lysol spray - spray the beds down before they are made up who knows who used that bed last
*a box of handy wipes - you know the wipes in the sealed envelopes you get at a restaraunt sometimes. DD will use them to wipe the toilet seats down

All the Non clothing items are also packed up in a 2nd laundry basket. Usually the 2nd baskets hold most of the non clothing items. Both baskets are bungied to one of those luggage things with the wheels.
Don't forget your toothbrush!! lol

Seriously though it's the one thing I always forget and I even had to buy a spare which stays in my bag all the time so I know it is there!

I think everyone has pretty much covered the necessities.

It is always a good idea to make a list of everything you take. When it goes into the case, write it on the list. When camp is over, as it goes back into the case, cross it off the list.

I'd also take a couple of plastic shopping bags as laundry bags.
Don't take too many valuable items.

Other than that, as long as you have everything you'd normally take to gym, underwear and something to sleep in, you should be covered!

Have fun!
Oh I forgot cheap flip flops to wear in the shower. I never trust those dorm showers they are breading groupnds for bacteria
Oh I forgot cheap flip flops to wear in the shower. I never trust those dorm showers they are breading groupnds for bacteria
Yes! The showers at these camps get really gross quickly due to the number of people using them and where they are coming from. At camps with a lake the showers get sand and muck in them and they only get cleaned during workouts. Also you might want to bring a large (galloon size) Ziplock bag to put wet things in.
also shorts and t shirts for when you're just hanging out after workout; underwear; also a sweatshirt because sometimes it gets chilly in the am or pm;a pair or two of long pants in case it's cold; I also have my daughter bring clothespins to hang her towels so they won't blow off the line; snacks if they allow them and she likes to have her own six pack of Propel (or similar) on hand for the week. My daughter's camp has a dance so we always pack a little skirt and top for that too; and for the cabin, we like to bring a bath mat (get it at the dollar store and leave it there when you leave) , a fly swatter (sounds gross, but is very handy in the hot summer), a couple of rolls of paper towels; hand soap for the sink. Bring skinny towels because they dry quicker and easier than the lovely plush ones you use at home...I generally have her take the many skinny beach towels we have accumulated over the years

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