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Hi! Does anyone know how the Destira workout shorts compare to the cut and fit of the GK shorts? Destira has some for only $10, but only the fabric is pictured on their site. I have three gymnasts and haven't bought my two level 4's any shorts for their leos yet due to cost. Thanks!
Destira Workout Shorts

Hi Cyndy,

I have bought several pair of the Destira work-out shorts - both the $10.00 and the $16.95.

The sale shorts fit like bike-shorts. They are good quality and have held up well in the wash. I think it's about a 3 inch leg and they sit right below the belly-button.

Their short-shorts are more what all the team girls are wearing - low rise and short! But, my girls just roll theirs down (like everyone else!) and you wouldn't know the difference. Plus, for $10.00, you can't go wrong!

I recently discovered their site and love their leos - the mailing list has good coupons too.

Good luck - I know this sport can be expensive.

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