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  1. B

    MAG Workout wear at your son’s gym

    Just wondering what your boys typically wear to practice? At my boys’ gym, it t-shirts and shorts. The WAG athletes are all in leos (obviously). I’ve followed a gym in Russia on IG (they have some amazing young guys training there), but what I notice is that all the boys wear singlets and gym...
  2. JBS

    WAG Limiting Skill Repetitions vs. Limiting Workout Hours

    This is a conversation that I am splitting off from a different thread as there is so much more to think about than just limiting hours. This is one of the most important things that modern high level coaches need to coach for. This discussion is exactly what the title sounds like...
  3. C

    Parents Why do I always feel tierd after our gym workout

    My daughter is 16 years old and a level 4 gymnast. On Monday she goes for 2 and a half hours. She has about an hour of pretty intense workout and then for the rest of the class time they either do vault, bars, beam or floor. The only problem is right after workout she gets so tired. She even...
  4. adult_gymnast_20

    College Dorm Workout Ideas?

    Does anyone have recommendations on "home" workouts that can be done in a college dorm? I know some stretching and flexibility, but I'm working towards a back handspring, and hoping to work on back hip circle while stuck in a campus quarantine and blizzard, simultaneously. I live in a 4-room...
  5. P

    Parents Workout started!

    First workout! 6AM! She is do happy to go back!
  6. DTAG

    MAG Post workout recovery

    Hello folks. I’m new here, my ds is 8 yrs old and a new lvl 5. Jumped up from being on pre-team this past season. Our gym has opened up and I thoroughly enjoy watching him train. Granted it is solely conditioning right now. That being said, he is incredibly strong and gains muscle quickly. Well...
  7. GymnastMomX2

    Zoom workout motivation/boredom

    My 9 year old daughter is so OVER her team zoom workouts, and conditioning list. How hard should I push her towards doing it? A little info, her coaches have Zoom meetings 3x a week in the afernoons for ~3hours; this is split into 3 rotations, conditioning, bars/vault and beam/floor. (they use...
  8. K

    Parents Good online workout for kids

    Snow day, so no gymnastics and we are inside. My daughter cheered up a bit when I said I'd at least find a workout for her to do. Can anyone recommend a good workout video for young gymnasts? Just something to keep her active (yet safe) during a long day indoors.
  9. G

    Customize Me A Workout?

    Not sure if anybody is willing to do this but... I would like a short and a long version of a workout that I can do at home. I have ankle weights and push up bars incase that helps. I need some exercises that would help for better kips and press handstands. Other exercises are fine too, but I...
  10. Aero

    Coaches Tabata workout for gymnastics.

    I've been reading up on Tabata training, and it sounds like it would be great for gymnastics. The workouts are quick and effective, which could potentially save on some time during practice. I've been thinking I could get more done during each practice if the conditioning time was reduced...
  11. R

    Parents Headbands and hairstyles for workout?

    DD is 9 years old with a small head and very fine, slippery hair. Currently I just put her hair in a ponytail before her 4 hour work-outs, and by the time I pick her up from practice her ponytail has collapsed and her hair is all over her face. I picked up some headbands sized for girls at...
  12. TxGymMom1

    WAG Mom getting upset at L3 workout schedule - with L2's!

    I would really like input from other parents as well as coaches! My 7-year old DD and another 8 y/o girl were moved to the level 3 (from 2) mid-summer after scoring 36's at our in house JO. The girls were thrilled - and have both performed VERY well this season - 35. - 37.5 -- my issue however...
  13. G

    Coaches Vault workout

    Just looking for some new ideas to mix our vault rotation up a little bit. How do you run your vault workouts? We have 45 minute rotations. Our vault area consists of 2 vaults - 1 into a pit, 1 onto the floor. tumble strip into pit, small floor area, tumble track (shared with floor), and 1...
  14. E

    Daily Workout Stuff?

    Hey So what is your daily training in the gym attire? I am asking because I am not sure what to wear! haha. This isn't the - closet full of stuff and 'nothing to wear' scenario, its that for the day to day training any advice!? I am thinking just shorts, I have been reading about...
  15. RisingGymnast

    WAG Cutting competition leotards to make into workout leos

    I have two competition leotards (one worn 3 times, the other only worn once), that I'm not sure I want to sell. I think I'd like to make them (or at least one of them, the other is really too pretty to touch) into a workout leo (just a tank leo instead of long sleeves). Has anyone done this...
  16. coachmolly

    WAG GK Custom Workout Leos

    Sorry for another leo thread! I am looking for workout leos for our pre-team girls and was thinking of getting a pretty standard GK leo and getting the gym name on the front- embroidered or maybe in the new Sequinz. Something like this...
  17. Gymettemom

    WAG Post workout soreness.

    What do you guys recommend for post workout soreness. My DD will be 10 years old in a few weeks and has started complaining of back soreness after practice. She started 4 day/week practices this season and seems to be feeling it in her back. Tonight I put her to bed with Tylenol and moist heat...
  18. Gympocalypse

    Workout hairstyles that won't fall out?

    Do you guys have any recommendations for workout hairstyles? I have medium/long hair that is usually put in a high ponytail/bun with multiple scrunchies, bobby pins, and hairspray. No matter how securely I tighten it, my hair always manages to unravel itself and whip around in my face during...
  19. JBS

    Coaches Major Events or Sections of Workout?

    How are your workouts structured? Please specify if optional...compulsory...or both. I am basically looking for the system that clubs are using. Below are three different expamples... or [/LIST] or
  20. twisting007bigflip

    Coaches What does your compulsory UB workout look like?

    Out of curiosity... What circuits do you do? How many reps? How long is your bar workout? How many kids in your group? How many stations? Do you up train? How many kids per station in the circuit? OR If you were going to set up a bar workout for a group of level 5s (new level 4) what would it...

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