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  1. dan129834

    Fear in adult gymnastics

    Hello everyone, im trying to learn backflips currently, and it seams like only fear interferes me. im not in a gym, but we do have equipmen, mats, blocks and also air floor, so we do it safely. Im trying to get to a higher level as an adult, and my fear is my biggest obtacle again and again...
  2. Q

    WAG Gym Insurance and Adult Gymnastics

    Hi everyone, I'm part of an adult team that competes NAIGC. We aren't college--we're associated with a local club and mostly in our 30s and 40s. Our gym recently notified us that they may be losing their insurance for their adult classes, which means both the adult class and our adult team...
  3. adult?gymnast

    WAG Adult Gymnastics? Grips? Rips?

    Hi all! First time poster, long time lurker here. I just recently got into adult (still not sure if I’m an adult though haha) gymnastics after doing years of rec gym as a kid. I know there are a million and one threads on healing rips so they’re good to go on bars again, but how do you care for...
  4. lovegymnastics

    WAG Adult gymnastics gyms in Boston?

    Hi all, I haven't been around much lately, but I'd love your input now. At the end of the year, I'll move to Boston for half a year, and I'd like to do some gymnastics while I'm there. So I'd love to hear if you have any recommendations on which gyms to try as a visiting student. I've retired...
  5. LilAdultTumbler

    WAG Adult Gymnastics Meet!

    I am super proud of my fellow adult gymnasts in my class. This weekend they are competing Xcel Platinum. All these ladies are 30+ years old (we do not need to get specific when it comes to ages :p) and two of them haven’t completed in over 2 decades! We only practice once a week, I’m impressed...
  6. Sari

    WAG Adult gymnastics in the Boston area?

    I thought I'd seek advice about this as I've found out just how horrible I am at navigating American gym websites, lol. I'm coming to the US in October (as an au pair) and would love to be able to do gym in some way since I've already been on a somewhat limited schedule for the past three...
  7. B

    Adult gymnastics, getting started

    I'm in my 40's, but did gymnastics as a child. At age 32/33 I was coaching and would spend some time after my last class "playing". I was able to do a front and back tuck on trampoline, round off back handspring on floor, got to a point I could do a split with my dominant leg. Nothing earth...
  8. ivyagogo

    WAG Adult Gymnastics Camp
  9. G

    WAG Intro - Adult Gymnastics Beginner

    Hello I'm gymdilettante. I am in my 20s and I did other sports as a child and played D1 college sports...not in that shape anymore unfortunately lol. I always wanted to do gymnastics, though (as an aside I hope my future daughter does gym but we'll see!). When I was young I used to do simple...
  10. SXS524

    WAG Structured Adult Gymnastics

    To all those adult gymnasts out there... how structured are your classes? While I'm at university I train at the university gymnastics club which is fairly structured and we are working towards competitions so I find myself really motivated (I love competing :p). However when I come home for the...
  11. Cosmos

    Adult Gymnastics Online Motivation Via Sponsoring Causes

    Is anyone interested in grouping to sponsor causes or charities, linked to achievements in the gym? This could be a good motivator for those of us doing, or returning to, gymnastics in adult recreational settings, particularly when you have few, or no peers working out with you, other than the...
  12. G

    Adult Gymnastics

    Anyone participate in adult gymnastics? Looking for a gym in va that offers classes. Any competition info? Thanks :)
  13. G

    WAG Adult Gymnastics + Competitions

    So I'm basically looking for more information in general. I've heard about the summer and winter nationals and that adults can compete. I turned 19 this year so I'm looking for opportunities like this. What are the levels? How do you find out the requirements for each level (if they say so...
  14. M

    New in so many ways. Adult Gymnastics ? Please Help from ALL :)

    Hello everyone. I remember growing up I always wanted to do gymnastics. I could do a mean cartwheel and roundoff but that was it just from my front yard. I remember one time I was able to do, what I learned later was a backwards walk over. I think thats the name of it. I remember the '96...
  15. B

    Has anyone done the adult gymnastics session during week 12 of Woodward?

    Has anyone done the adult gymnastics session during week 12 of Woodward? I'm curious how the adults are split into groups and whether they're mixed in or kept separate? Also, how many adults typically? Any other feedback- was it worth it or did you feel out of place? I am probably going to sign...
  16. MastersGymnastics

    Masters Gymnastics - Adult Gymnastics Meet resource

    Hello Everyone, I run a resource for adult gymnasts. We cover masters meets (adult gymnastics competitions) and work closely with Gymnastike to update their list of adult gymnastics classes. Our main goal is to promote gymnastics meets around the country and world. We...
  17. R

    Adult gymnastics in Europe

    Hi from Sofia! Any adult gymnasts from Europe? :rolleyes:
  18. M

    Adult gymnastics meet at Capital in Burke, VA on 10/1!

    We are having an adult meet at Capital in Burke, VA on Saturday, October 1 at 7:30pm (warmups at 6). The meet is open to adult gymnasts of all ages and abilities. It will be fun and laid back, and awards will be given in all around and events in 3 age categories: 18-29, 30-39, 40+. Please...
  19. AlexsGymmyMom

    Today Show Adult gymnastics

    I just saw this today. A mom at the gym told me about it last night. Here is a link! I think it is great that adult gymnastics is getting to be more popular. And sorry if this has already been posted here! Hulu - NBC TODAY Show: Fitness trend: Adult gymnastics I wish our gym had a...
  20. M

    Adult Gymnastics Class in Georgia!

    Hi fellow adult gymnasts! If you're located in Georgia, Ihave just located a gym that offers a REAL adult gymnastics class. Some of the students are even talking about competing in a few AAU meets through out the year! The name of the gym is Southern Gymnastics Academy, and they are located at...