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  1. Pea'sMom

    For Parents Panner's Disease

    Pea hurt her elbow about two weeks ago and a recent MRI showed a diagnosis of Panner's disease. She has a follow-up with an 'arm specialist' on Friday, but I'm wondering if anyone has had any experience with this that they would be willing to share. My friend Google says that it's rare, but is...
  2. L

    For Parents Osteochondritis Dissecans- Elbow

    Hi! My 12 year old had surgery for OCD (Osteochondritis Dissecans) in her elbow a month ago. They removed the loose fragments, debridement, and the bone was allowed to bleed out (no microfracturing necessary bc the lesion was deep enough to bleed). The plan is for my daughter to go back to gym...
  3. TigerPawLove

    Broken Elbow:( What to do?

    State championships are in 5 weeks and I've gone and Broke my elbow and sprained my wrist. Cast is't coming off for another 7 weeks. I know I can condition, and I can work on skills that don't involve my arms, but I'm not sure What else I can do. I'm out of state now. I was thinking of dropping...
  4. Flippers Mom

    For Parents Panner's Disease

    Never heard of it? Neither had we - or Flippers coaches (who have been coaching for long enough they have run into nearly everything). Flipper was diagnosed with Panner's about a month ago (MRI). It is a rare bone disease the affects elbows, mostly in 5-10 year old boys who play baseball ;>...
  5. thefellowsmom

    Dislocated Elbow

    Well, I finally received that dreaded phone call. The Fellows was doing a back walkover and landed wrong. My heart just drops when the phone rings while she is at practice. She promptly informed me I was going to have to get over that because "gymnastics is dangerous mom". So right she is...