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  1. N

    For Parents dislocated elbow

    hey guys my daughter(13) dislocated/ fractured her elbow while working on backhandsprings we took her to the ER and they sedated her and popped it back into place and rightnow she is in a cast. has anyone had any similar experiences? what was the recovery like? any recommendations or advice? Her...
  2. V

    For Parents Ocd elbow and back giant

    Hello, my name is Valeria and I speak Spanish, so I'm sorry if something is wrong. My 12-year-old daughter has OCD in her elbow and is returning to gymnastics after conservative treatment. She has no pain, and he fully extends her arm. But she still can't move her hand for a back giant Has the...
  3. D

    For Parents Elbow hyperflexibility

    Hi folks, After DD (age 11) mentioned intermittent elbow pain several weeks ago, I scheduled an appointment with a pediatric ortho. We just found out that it's not serious - no bone chips or OCD - but apparently she's hyper flexible in both elbows and that can cause pain. Doctor recommended...
  4. C

    For Parents OCD of elbow stage 1

    Need some advice please! Anyone has any experience without OCD’s surgery and early stage ? It’s your DD still continue gymnastics in progress healed ?? My Dd have been diagnosed OCD elbow stage 1,she’s 11 year old And also she want to compete next week and the last on early December,and the...
  5. A

    Bent Elbow in Back Handspring

    Hello All, Looking for some suggestions for my daughter on fixing an issue she has had for quite some time with her back handspring. When she lands on her hands for her back handspring her shoulders are open and arms straight but she immediately bends her elbows before pushing off her hands to...
  6. G

    Hyperextended elbow

    Hi all I hyperextended my elbow at training tonight, it’s been really painful since and it hurts to bend and move it and touch it and it’s got a pretty bad bruise on it. I’ve got an ace(elastic) bandage on it right now and that’s been helping it when moving but isnit worth getting it checked by...
  7. munchkin3

    For Parents clicking elbow....OCD risk???

    Hello! So my DD and I were working out and she was doing push ups and I noticed her elbow cracks on every push up on one elbow. I asked her what was up, and she said that it only happens when shes doing push ups and it can be bothersome. I asked if it hurts and she said sometimes and then she...
  8. C

    WAG Elbow Tendonitis

    Hi everyone , my sister has been told by a physio that she has Tendonitis in her elbows. She also does gymnastics. Does anyone have any success storys or anything that helped them ? Im not looking for medical advice, just want to hear other peoples stories Hope i put this in the righ place.
  9. Dee243

    For Parents Recovery from elbow cast/surgery

    Those of you that have been there -what was the recovery like from an elbow area injury that resulted in 4-5 weeks of imobiliazation? DD has surgery, and is recently out of her cast. She is making good strides lengenthening her arm to straight. Still a long way to go, but progesss for sure in...
  10. L

    WAG Elbow Pain

    I'm going to preface this by saying that I'm not looking for medical advice, just experiences. I've been having elbow pain for a while, but recently it has gotten worse. I do plan on going to the doctor, but due to how busy they are the appointment it will not be for another two weeks. I know...
  11. cadybearsmommy

    For Parents Just in time for competition season......elbow fracture!!!!

    Preface: She is seeing orthopedic elbow specialist tomorrow, so not looking for medical advice. I really feel like the mother of the year right now! DD has had what she describes as "very mild elbow pain" over the last week or so. She didn't fall or have any kind of traumatic impact to the...
  12. S

    For Parents Elbow pain

    My daughter had a slight hand fracture which was casteded for three weeks. She then took another two weeks off from gymnastics due to her wrist feeling weak. Now that she is back, she is experiencing elbow pain at the gym. Has anyone had experience with this? I assume it is an affect of weakened...
  13. J

    For Parents Elbow dislocated with fracture

    My dd slipped off the high bar and got her right elbow dislocated and with small fracture end of April. Unfortunately, surgery had to be done to fix the small fracture with pins. Ortho Dr doesn't let her to go back to the gym due to the pins are very closed to her nerves. He afraid she might be...
  14. pinklemonadeliz

    WAG elbow dislocation/surgery & continuing pain

    I know there have been several threads about elbow dislocation and associated surgery to reattach the medial epicondyle. I've responded to one with my kiddo's story & it's pretty typical (over-rotation of back tuck on tramp - put arm out when bailing - dislocation of elbow w/ surrgery to...
  15. G

    Elbow osteochondritis dissecans (OCD)

    My daughter has just been diagnosed with osteochondritis dissecans of her elbow. She is 13 years old, and has been a WAG competitive gymnast for 5 years. She is currently in ALP 8, and had been training 16 hours a week. She is having surgery next week to have some loose cartilage removed and...
  16. OzZee

    For Parents Cubital Tunnel/pinched nerve in elbow

    Cubital tunnel syndrome, ie pinched nerve in elbow causing pain and numbness in little finger. i know its a how long as a piece of string injury recovery time wise. But anyone had it and how long was recovery to give me some idea of string lengths, lol.
  17. NY Dad

    For Parents Elbow Fracture - Was it Preventable?

    This is the second thread I’ve started about my DD’s elbow. I’m planning to read my DD the encouraging messages and well wishes from the other thread tonight. (Thanks :)) I’m not planning to share this second thread with her. First I want to make sure she’s happy and healthy but I’m also...
  18. NY Dad

    For Parents Elbow Fracture - What to Expect

    Yesterday I was asking opinions about my DD’s shoot through. (Thanks everyone for all the feedback). Right now it’s the last thing on my mind. Today my DD (7 years old) fractured her humerus above the elbow (supracondylar) at the gym (she’s still at the ER with my DW.) The doctor aligned the...
  19. L

    For Parents Osteochondritis Dissecans- Elbow

    Hi! My 12 year old had surgery for OCD (Osteochondritis Dissecans) in her elbow a month ago. They removed the loose fragments, debridement, and the bone was allowed to bleed out (no microfracturing necessary bc the lesion was deep enough to bleed). The plan is for my daughter to go back to gym...
  20. R

    WAG Recovery time for medial epicondyle (elbow) fracture

    Just wondering if anyone has previous experience with recovering from this type of fracture for their gymnast and getting back to full use of the arm. DD was training level 8, so I guess "full use" would include training typical level 8 skills. And whether or not surgery was done.