2009 World's Team

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Jul 12, 2007
Bridget Sloan
Rebecca Bross
Ivana Hong
Kayla Williams

alternates are: Kytra Hunter/Mackenzie Caquatto
Awesome! So excited to see how everything turns out.

The girls who weren't selected were still given assignments; Jana and Kytra will be attending the Croatia World Cup, and Cassie and Mackenzie will be going to the DTB World Cup! :D
Thank the lord they only did two alternates. Imagine being the one poor girl who didn't get selected out of the remaining eight.

I'm getting really excited for Worlds. But there are a ton of injured gymnasts this year, this better not be a trend in the future. I really think Kayla has a good chance of medaling on vault as most of the competition is out or only does one vault. And if she did verify her Amanar and Layout Rudi that just increases her chances even more. Floor could be a longshot this year with her dance though.

Becca if performs well and does not injure herself last minute *knocks on wood* has a good chance of an AA medal, along with Bridget. If both stay healthy and injury free I would love to see them go place first and second. They are both more than capable of it. Bridget needs to start making those dang connections on beam though. And Becca needs to rock that dismount, because she can stick it cold.

With Ivana I'm not sure what to think. I love her gymnastics, I mean its absolutely beautiful to watch. But I just hope she doesn't have a mental breakdown. Her only competitive event would be beam, as she would not make bars finals with bar workers like Kexin, Yilin, Tweedle, etc. Bars would be more of a confidence builder/experience thing for her, in my opinion. I would love to see her compete beam finals, though. I just hope Worlds will boost Ivana's confidence. Remember the difference the Olympics made for Bridget? I want that to happen to Ivana.

I was so happy to see a camp where nobody got hurt, considering how many gymnasts in the elite world are injured right now.
Not open for further replies.