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Wanted to say 'bye' & Happy Holidays to all my friends on CB!

Hubby is still in TX on business and house-hunting, so we will go & join him this next week, and hopefully wrap everything up. I may not be able to visit w/ you all here on CB while we're gone, last time I tried at my in-laws' (where we are staying), I couldn't log on due to 'security setting' issues. Their computers are all wacky...

We may get dd in to a couple of gyms for a try-out, if they can squeeze us into their holiday schedules. It would be nice if she found a happy gym home, and had THAT worry off her mind! But we'll see, most everyone is off for most of the week.

We are also going to try & see the "Ice" exhibit at the Gaylord Texan resort (large ice sculptures, etc.). The one here in FL is supposed to be awesome (according to friends), so I figure the TX one should be good as well!

Have a great week. :) All the best to you & yours! :p
Feb 26, 2007
MSL have a wonderful holiday with your family in Texas. I hope you can find the right home and the right gym for your family and DD. I'll be thinking of you at this time of great change.

Jan 17, 2008
MLS = Happy Holidays to you and your family! I am positive this Texas thing is going to work out for you and your family. DD will find a gym that fits her style and personality... Hang in there 2009 will be a great year!
Mar 5, 2008
North America
MSL--wishing you guys the best of luck!!!! You'll find a great gym--your dd is very talented and is a great kid--she'll do fine. Hopefully you can get the internet security thing figured out :) Happy Holidays and stay safe!!!

~ Kathy, Dani & Julian


Have a wonderful, safe trip! But definitely keep us posted on your progress, both with the house-hunt and the gym-hunt! Good luck to you!!! Happy Holidays!


Hey guys & gals, checkin' in! Saw some nice houses today, but dh will have to see 10,000 more before we can make a decision, lol!

DD gets to try out at a gym tomorrow. May not be the most proximal to where we may live, but seems like a nice place. Hope she feels welcome and not too behind these TX gymnasts! :)

I'll check in a again when I can!
Feb 26, 2007
Let us know how it goes.

Make sure you do some snooping when DD is at the gym. Check out the notice boards and the common areas. You'll learn a lot about the type of gym it is

I am sure that right now you are a real estate agents dream, I hope you have one on the hunt for your perfect house. Sadly there are way too many houses on the market tight now.

Hope the kids and you big people are having fun right now.


Thanks, Bog. Good advice you give here. DD ended up not liking the gym so much. It might not have gotten a fair shake, due to the holidays and lack of coaches/girls there, but we have other options to try.

We are not a real estate agent's dream (more like his nightmare, lol)! We have been running around w/ the poor man for days now, trying to see everything out there. :eek: He's been so nice and is so patient w/ us. But we are running out of time, and we are all getting a little frustrated! We need a" find a house" fairy, happy thoughts, prayers, or whatever you can send our way, please! :rolleyes:

Hope everyone's Christmas was great! :)

I'll check in again when I can! :cool:
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