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Proud Parent
Mar 1, 2007
Last week my daughter did a back walkover on the big beam by herself! Guess she's been getting the cartwheels so they moved on to something else. Funny how my DD never even reached a score over an 8 this past season on that beam but pulled this off? DH went to pick her up and confirmed it, cause I didn't believe her. Coach gave her a package of nailpolish which she thinks made it totally worth it. :)


Active Member
Jul 12, 2007
:applause::applause:That is a very exciting skill to brag about Blackie. Congrats to J on her bwo on the beam ! :beam:


That is huge Blackie! Congratulations to your DD! She is doing really great. This was our first year of competition and the one thing I did figure out was that it isn't so much the skills that get the deductions but the little stuff, especially on beam and floor. L is nowhere near her back walkover on beam, but she does have her tick tock on the low beam and her cartwheel on the high beam so maybe it will come some time in the next few months. Anyway, congrats!

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