Anyone headed to TIGER PAW this weekend?

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Love this meet!! Kids have a great time and seating is VERY parent friendly!
Oct 2, 2008
South Carolina
We are going!!! We are first timers. Juju is a 6 year old, level 4 and will be there Sunday AM. She is really looking forward to it. I am not too fond of the idea of 90+ girls in each session. Starting at 8AM with awards not scheduled until 1PM - Ugh. I guess it will be a LONG day. Good thing those seats are supposed to be awesome! :p
Jan 27, 2009
myrtle beach
Beach Team Tumblers from Myrtle Beach are headed to Tiger Paw. Bailey is at her last practice now before we leave tomorrow. She is level 7 and they are competing at 8:45 on Friday Morning. Although our family are big SC Gamecock fans, we are excited to be going to Tiger County. Good luck Beach Team and all the other posters here that are going. If any of you are going to be there Friday morning. We are in pink and black and mom and dads are really loud. Come by and say hi! Keeping fingers crossed Baily gets her first giant in competition.


Proud Parent
Aug 16, 2008
Our team girls are going, but DD is not...she was not ready to compete yet when fees were due!:(

Hope everyone has a great time!!!

mbphoto...beach team was at our gym last weekend and I am pretty sure the L4's got 1st place!:)
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