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  1. JBS

    Tiger Paw Wrist Supports

    This thread is all about Tiger Paws. Check them out and purchase them at the following link... https://chalkbucket.com/forums/reviews/tiger-paw-wrist-supports.3/
  2. L

    WAG Best Wrist Supports

    When DD got gymnast wrist the first time, because it was mild and the gym disapproved, we didn't put her in supports. Big mistake bc of course it came back and was worse. So I think out of guilt, I went and researched and bought every support out there to see what worked best for her and what...
  3. A

    Coaches Wrist Supports

    So I need advice on competitive athletes wearing wrist supports. I have seen that Cincinnati gymnastics has most of their gymnasts wearing them in all their youtube videos. I have several girls who have started to complain about wrists being sore. Is this a good practice to start having...
  4. G

    MAG pommel wrist supports

    My 14 year old L7/training 8 needs wrist supports for pommel - everything hurts most of the time, but the pommel/wrist thing is getting to him. His tiger paws help with floor and vault, so now he wants the pommel ones. There is only one kid ahead of him level wise, and coach is young, so I...
  5. P

    WAG wrist supports - boon or bane?

    Older DD who is a Level 8 started using Tiger Paws at Level 4 and pretty much always wore them. Of course, if she tumbles at home she doesn't wear them, but at the gym, as soon as they started Round Off Back Handspring Back Tucks on floor and Back Handsprings on beam, all of the girls on her...
  6. M

    WAG Itty bitty wrist supports

    Wrist supports have been suggested for my tiny 7-year-old. The size charts make Golden Hands and Tiger Paws look awfully big. Will either of these brands fit little tiny kids? I would rather not go the tape route if we can avoid it, since I don't know the proper way to do it and would like my...
  7. livelifetumble8dx

    Wrist supports ( more questions?)

    Ok so my mom ordered wrist supports last week prior to this I went to the doctors and he said that he couldn't find anything wrong but recommended wrist supports to ease pain. I just got them today and i haven't said anything to my coaches about it . 1) Its really hard for me to approach/talk...
  8. S

    Wrist supports smell...help!

    My daughter has been wearing wrist supports for the past 4 months. (not Tiger Paws, just the kind from the local pharmacy as recommended by her ortho) They SMELL!!! She wears them for all of practice (except bars when she wears grips....don't know what those smell like but they stay at the gym...
  9. C

    MAG Wrist supports

    Female gymnasts wear Tiger Paws for tumbling to support their wrists, so what do male gymnasts wear?:eek:
  10. I

    Panda Paws wrist supports

    At the end of 2010 I was diagnosed with tenosynovitis in my wrist and was advised to rest it for 3 weeks by my doctor. Over the last few months it has flared up again and I am thinking of buying a pair of panda paws to support my wrists for gym. Are they worth it and will they actually help? I...
  11. C

    Wrist supports

    Ok I have a question on the tiger Paws style wrist supports. My DD wrist measures almost 6" which on all of them says she is a small and if I go by the weight chart it says small too. DD insists she is a Med. She currently has a Small size given to her by a gymnast that left for her left...
  12. aerialriver

    Tiger Paws wrist supports question. Help please ASAP!

    Well I was finally able to get a pair. I almost had to as I train quite a bit harder now and do a lot of tumbling and I just can't do it with my wrists being so bad. Anyways to anyone who had them a couple questions. do you use the plastic inserts or not? Or do you kind of break them in first...
  13. aerialriver

    Tiger paws wrist supports

    Tiger Paws I am debating getting these for tumbling. I have one weak wrist due to a surgery i had a couple of years ago. Does anyone use these? Are they any good? Also should I use just one or are they better used as a pair? (I see they are only sold in pairs) Thanks for your input! Aerialriver
  14. gymjourneymom

    Tiger paws vs Golden Hands wrist supports?

    I'm actually posting this for a friend at our gym...her DD(level 7 training 8) has been to hand specialist & is in PT. She knows of the 'whole wrist supports leading to weak wrist' theory. But after much evaluation & discussion....wrist supports are what have been recommended for her DD. Now the...
  15. G

    Pros and Cons of Wrist Supports

    I could use some good advice. We have tried to avoid the use of wrist supports for my daughter for several years now. We have sought care and treatment from personal trainers, physical therapist, soaks, ice, exercises and a million other home remedies - nothing has had any long lasting relief...

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