WAG Back handspring on beam tips?

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Sep 27, 2014
Okay so I've been working on back handsprings on beam for over a year now. They haven't gotten any better. I'm still on low beam with mats. I have done it on the medium beam with a spot. I've been told so many things about my handspring are wrong. Like, I keep my head in and end up not seeing the beam when my hands land, also that I turn my hands outward, I'm not pushing out of my legs enough. Is it possible to have this many mistakes? I have gotten both hands on twice before. But every other time it's just been the left hand. Please help me, I'm desperate to get this handspring. Sorry for the weird angles.

Show us a video of you doing a back handspring to a solid hand stand to belly, with beam hands. (Up onto a panel mat, or hard 8 inch mat)
This back handspring is not ready for the beam. I am not really sure if the problem is confidence or technique or strength without seeing videos of prerequisites. It's probably a combination of all 3, but I lean towards strength after seeing the video of the coach spotting you. but the bottom line is, this needs to come off the beam and go back into the drill phase.
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A beam back ah dspring is different to a floor back hamdspring. It looks li,e yiu are just trying to do a floor back hamdspring on the beam.

Beam back handsprimgs are shorter, more like a jump to handstand and step down.

Your first step should be doing lots of back handspring step outs up hill. Can you do these? Have you even been working these? These should be ,altered before even taking the skill to the low beam.

On floor its not right to lean your chest forward before you take off and it will make your back hamdspring top high and short. On beam you do want to start with your chest down as you do want to make the skill shorter.
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@gymdog yes, I have all of my splits. I'm pretty sure my hip flexors aren't the best but they aren't terrible. Is there any stretches I can do for them?
It looks like your arms are not strong enough; you're barely avoiding hitting your head. I'll ask DD to take a look later.
@Aussie_coach no I've never went up a hill, I have gone down but not up. And thank you! I didn't know I was supposed to lean my chest down on the beam back handspring. This explains a lot, because I have a rather short back handspring when tumbling because my chest is down out of my round off. And a pretty long handspring on beam! Thank you so much! I will try this when I get to gym!
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Again,,,,, Show us a video of you doing a standing back handspring to a handstand with beam hands ( hitting solid handstand and falling to your belly)..... UP on to a 8 inch mat, or Up onto a panel mat, Meaning You Go Up Hill, (feet on floor, heels against the mat)..... This is the drill and will help us to evaluate you. In the meantime stop doing them on beam. I recommend you do this drill for at least a month prior to attempting another. Do not do any standing back handspring anywhere except for this for a month. You need to train your mind and body to do a higher BHS and land in a solid HS. If you don't then you are spinning your wheels...
Well you will benefit greatly by only doing that for a month (no step out, to your belly). Show is a video of that.
What video works for everybody? 4 show up for and and the middle two don't work and the other two aren't back hand springs
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I can see them all. Maybe you need to be in the U.S.?

No, I can see them as well.

Follow coachp's advice, he knows what he's saying. You do bend your arms quite a bit and the skill itself is too long for beam (as others have stated), so going back to basics cannot be wrong.
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