back hip circles

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Apr 3, 2009
Hi i have been having a hard time getting my back hip circles.I have to do a pullover, 3-5 casts and then the backhip circle but for some reason my casts are good until i get to the last one before the back hip circle, and then my elbows give out. Then when i try to get over i just can't, it's like impossible.

Any tips on how to do it ? Also i think my hips keep dropping from the bar but I don't know how to keep them attached so they dont make me drop.

Thanks :)
A good drill to build the strength of staying on the bar is a candlestick/cradle on the bar.

Basically it's a hollow inverted position on the bar.

You can roll to it from a support ( forward roll ) or kickover to the invert position.

Undergrip is easier than overgrip. Try to cure the habit of piking at the hips.

It's also good to practice cast to cradle/undershoot or from support, lean forward then rock back into the undershoot.

Watch the bar so you don't throw your head back and arch.

Hips to the bar. I tell the kids to look at the bar from the start to finish. Ideally, I'd like for them to be neutral but too many will throw head. Another way is to bite their shirt or leo.
I would agree with dunno, first off, and do fewer casts. Ideally, a back hip is done with one cast. When I'm teaching these, I tell my kids to look for their toes as they lean their shoulders back after coming back to the bar.

Good luck!
I don't what to do about the elbows giving out but I might be able to help with the hips dropping. One of my friends told me to stare at something in front of me while doing it to fix the hips dropping. I don't know why it worked, but it did!
Is it possible you aren't putting your toes over your head/shoulders back all in one movement, but are instead going legs up/elbows bend/ohwaitnowmyshouldersneedtogo, leading to the collapse and not getting around? This is a common thing I see.

Take fewer casts and watch your toes go over your head, and let your shoulders go. It's WAY easier.
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