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Sep 22, 2007
Wisconsin, US
Anyone got any tips for the roundoff-bhs-backlayout tumbling pass?

My ro-bhs-back tuck is really good-and all my coaches say that I should be doing layouts. I can do them on the tumbletrack and on floor, but apparently I arch into it or something. My coaches tell me to stay hollow...any tips on that?


Great advice you two!! Also, think about looking for something on the wall in front of you before you flip--then look at it when you go to land as well. Try thinking toes over the top and to be open when you do the flip. I suggest toes over the top because a lot of gymnasts like to through their hips forward when they do their layout and toes over will help them bring it over in hollow position.


I taught my little cheerleader how to do a scooped back drop to back with little to no travel. Jump up, scoop with the toes in a hollow, rotate 1/4.

We played with back pike a bit and by chance telling her to scoop through the back pike while squeezing her butt turned into a back layout. She didn't really know what she was doing that day, but that's exactly what I wanted. It worked out the first day and then fell apart thereafter. However, it's solidifying itself slowly.

She's also small enough I could spot back drop to handstand in hollow or spot all the way through to feet.

Somewhere in there were spotted lever pulls to candle ( spotted somewhat heavy but I wanted her to learn the shape vs having the strength for it ).


hey umm all u need to do is when u take off from ur back handspring quickly tuck ur head in and focus on ur toes this should help think positive and u can do it i know u can practice some backhanspring rebounds with back tuck no rounoff just backhandspring to back tuck keeping ur head in at all times. TIP:) :) Try doing that drill w/ a piece of foam under ur chin. this will help keep ur head in.

you can do anything u put ur mind to:eek:
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