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Jul 29, 2007
Can you do a kickover from a bridge?

If so, watch your hands on the way down. Don't bend your arms. Use your stomach and back muscles. Don't kick over until your hands touch the ground. Do them over a mailbox mat until you're comfortable or with a spot.

If you can't do a kickover, work them until you can do them very well before starting walkovers.


Watch your hands on the way down to make sure your head is going back. Then press with your hands when they touch the floor. Keeps my back walkover smooth every time.


Jan 18, 2009
Make sure you are pushing your armpits open. I'm not sure how to explain this in writing, but when you are in your bridge, push your armpits towards the wall you are facing.
Look at the shoulders in each of these bridges. You want yours to look more like the guy in the second.
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I hope that helps, I'm really not sure how clear I am being but the biggest problem my girls have with their kickover is keeping their shoulders closed.
I agree with the above posts. My kids that have a kickover that have trouble with a walkover often try to put too much weight on the front leg (you shouldn't put any weight on it). That makes your hips go forward and stops the kickover motion. If you can kickover from a backbend, then try resting your heel on top of something 6-8 inches off the ground. Always wait until your hands touch to kick or you'll end up on your head!
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